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Research and development of natural cotton fiber bamboo fiber interwoven double layer fabric

2013-01-17 12:59

Raw material selection and structure design are combed long staple cotton and new environmental protection raw material bamboo fiber. The product is designed for the spring and Autumn period with a medium thickness and a double-layer weave. The surface and inner warp yarns are all combed cotton 18.3 tex yarns, the ratio of surface warp to inner warp is 2:l, and the warp weave cycle is 24; the surface weft yarn is made of bamboo fiber 27.8 tex X2 ply yarn, the inner weft is made of combed cotton 18.3 tex yarn, and the ratio of surface to inner warp is 1:2. Choose the "bottom-up" bonding method, the joint organization for the warp flat, so that the surface of the cloth to form a vertical stripe appearance, the surface of a strong wool feel, the inner layer feel delicate, comfortable to wear. Spinning process 1, bamboo fiber sliver A002D cotton grabber A035B cotton mixer (two) A036C cotton opener A09 2 cotton feeder A076 coiler FA21 2 carding machine 2, combed cotton sliver A002D cotton grabber A035;A035B cotton blender (two) A036;A036C cotton opener A0;A0;A076 cotton feeder A0;A0;A0;A076 cotton winder Machine to FA212 carding machine to A2. The weaving process of 72F pre-drawing frame A19lB sliver winder A201E comber 3 mixing and spinning A272F A454B roving frame EJMl28K roving frame 13MD winding simplified loom: JCl8.3 tex CGAl 14 warping frame Carl Meyer sizing frame reed-wearing yarn: JCl8.3 tex, JCl8.3 tex Bamboo fiber 27.8 tex X2 warp and weft: weaving (G6300 rapier loom) check package spinning process configuration and technical measures 1, open and clean cotton process bamboo fiber length uniformity is good, without impurities. Avoid excessive damage to the fibers and form neps. According to the characteristics of fiber, we should adopt the technological principle of "less, more loose, lighter quantity and slower speed". Enlarge the distance between the driver and the dust stick, reduce the speed of the beater properly, and ensure the smooth flow of the fiber flow. According to the characteristics of long staple cotton, such as fineness, length and less impurity, the technological principles of "more loosening and less beating, combing, slow feeding, early dropping and less crushing" are adopted to reduce fiber damage and breakage. 2. The carding process adopts the technological principle of "light weight, low speed and tight spacer", combing more and less, strengthening carding and reducing neps. Reasonably control the speed ratio of cylinder, thorn roller and doffer line. To ensure the smooth transfer of fiber, improve fiber separation, reduce neps and impurities, improve the quality of cotton net sliver. 3. The roughing process adopts two-way drawing and adopts the technological principle of "large distance, heavy pressure and low speed" to reasonably arrange the drawing in front and rear zones. On the premise of guaranteeing no "hard end" of the spinning, the roving twist coefficient should be increased properly, and the drawing in the back area should be controlled properly to prevent unexpected elongation and reduce the roving details. Because bamboo fibers are prone to static electricity, rubber cots with high elastic coatings are used. 4, spinning process focuses on improving yarn evenness and reducing coarse details and hairiness. The parameters such as drafting multiple, nipper spacing and roller spacing are selected. 5, the winder uses 1332M winder, equipped with electronic yarn clearer and air spray splicer, to keep yarn channel clean and burr free, prevent deterioration and hairiness, and adopt lower winding speed and smaller winding tension to avoid loss of yarn strength, reduce elongation and keep elasticity. The rotary speed of the grooved drum is 2200 r/min and the tension tray is 3.92 cN. 6. CGGAll 4 high speed warping machine is used for warping. The machine is easy to operate, has excellent performance, uniform tension control and good warp shaft winding smoothness. Speed 500m/min, tension plate 4.9cN. 7, the sizing process adopts the principle of "low speed, medium tension, penetration and coating". 1) Slurry formula: PVA 1799 is 37.5 kg, modified starch 30 kg, PVA 205 25 kg, QL 89 15 kg, oil 3 kg. 2) Sizing process: sizing rate 13%, moisture regain rate 5% ~ 7%, elongation 1%, slurry viscosity 10 ~ 12s, speed 30 ~ 30m / min. 8. Weaving is designed according to the fabric pattern. The principle of "small double-layer opening, big tension, high back beam, early closure" is adopted in the process. The heights of 1 or 2 heddle frames are appropriately adjusted to be 2 mm higher than those of 3 to 7 heddle frames, so that the warp yarn can be divided into layers when the loom is in flat heddle. At the same time, the higher upper tension is adopted, the warp shed can be clearer, the broken ends can be reduced and the weaving efficiency can be improved. The loom speed is 400 r/min, the tension is 2744N, the front and rear beam is 1102mm, and the opening time is 310. The rod is adjusted 25 to 95ram. The height of the heald frame is 100 ~ 103mm.

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