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Fabric related knowledge Work clothes custom customized work clothes

2023-10-17 14:46

Fabric is an important material for making clothing, there are many kinds, different types of fabrics in the material, feel, function and other aspects are different. Here are some basics about fabrics:
Classification of fabrics: Fabrics can be classified according to its material, technology, use and other aspects. Common fabrics are cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other natural fiber fabrics, as well as chemical fiber fabrics, blended fabrics, etc.
Fabric performance: high quality, high-grade fabrics mostly have the characteristics of comfortable wearing, sweat absorption, overhanging, visual nobility, soft touch and so on. Different types of fabrics also have different properties, such as cotton fabric with moisture absorption and breathable, soft and comfortable, wool fabric with good warmth preservation, soft feel and so on.
Fabric selection: in the choice of fabrics, should be according to the use of clothing, occasions and personal preferences and other factors to choose. For example, in the formal social occasions to wear clothing, should choose pure cotton, pure wool, pure silk, pure hemp and other high-quality fabrics.
Fabric processing: the fabric needs to be processed for many times in the production process, such as weaving, dyeing, finishing, etc. Different processing processes will have different effects on the performance and style of fabrics.
Fabric maintenance: different types of fabrics in the maintenance is also different, such as cotton fabric easy to dye, poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle; wool fabric needs to pay attention to keep warm, prevent moth, etc.
Hope the above knowledge about fabric can help you

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