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Dear friends, partners and colleagues from all walks of life:

  Looking back on the past, with the deep care and support from all walks of life, Fengming Clothing has been continuously striving and innovating; Among them, the "Fengming" brand work clothes are also well-known both inside and outside in the province, and we have gradually grown into a large-scale clothing enterprise.

  Since the establishment of Fengming Clothing, we are grateful for the policies of the Party and the guidance and concern of the government, industry associations, and chambers of commerce; We are grateful to the enterprises and public institutions all over the province for the win-win cooperation with Fengming; We are grateful to the management and employees at all levels who have put in effort and sweat for the development of Fengming.

  After more than ten years of starting and development, we have always been adhering to the business philosophy of "quality, efficiency, integrity and practical".In the past, we have laid a solid foundation for the construction of the factory and the introduction of the equipment; Quality management, brand promotion and distribution channel management were constantly strengthened and improved.In terms of product development and model innovation, Fengming brand tooling is at the forefront of the industry and above the trend of fashion.

   Over the past decade of wind and rain, every progress and development of Fengming Clothing has benefited from the guidance, help, and dedication of partners and friends who care about and care for Fengming's career. Sincerely thank you all. In recent years, Fengming has successfully produced nearly a million sets of work clothes for well-known large and medium-sized enterprises in the province. They are "Kunming Iron and Steel Group", "Yunnan Honghe Tobacco Group", "China Mobile Yunnan Branch", "Southern Power Grid Yunnan Branch", "Dali Tobacco Group", "Yixintang Pharmaceutical Group", "Yunnan Shanquan", "Yunnan Baiyao Group", "Yunnan Shennong Meat Industry Group", "Kunming Universal Taxi enterprise", "Yunnan Infectious Disease Hospital", "Kunming Medical College Second Affiliated Hospital", "Yunnan Cancer Hospital", and "Kunming Yan'an Hospital" Kunming First People's Hospital and Yunnan Provincial Psychiatric Hospital. This is the greatest affirmation and support for Fengming Clothing!

  Looking into 2019, it will be a year full of expectations and challenges. With the spirit of positive improvement and self-improvement, we will work together and strive hard to create new and glorious performance!

Kunming Fengling Garment Co., Ltd
Kunming Fengling Garment Co., Ltd
Kunming Fengling Garment Co., Ltd

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