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First advantage: the quality of raw materials is guaranteed.

  Our enterprise directly cooperates with professional spinning-weaving-dyeing manufacturers. The advantages are: it can not only ensure the stability of product quality, but also ensure the continuity of enterprise use, so that everyone can really remember the enterprise color and culture, and let everyone know at a glance that they are employees of your enterprise.

Second advantage: product quality meets national requirements.

  All the products produced by our enterprise are dyed according to the national standards, with high color fastness and high sun resistance, which can ensure that each ex-factory product can meet the needs of users.We are recognized by the national certification center, and the quality of our product meets the national standards.

Third advantage: a complete range of products, suitable for any quantity.

  Our enterprise provides more than 300 types of clothing products to enterprises and institutions, which not only meets the procurement requirements of bulk materials for your enterprise, but also ensures the replenishment of sporadic materials for your enterprise. Our enterprise has a professional production line for large quantities and a professional finished product team for continued replenishment for small quantities.

Fourth advantage: a large number of customers and more professional products

  So far, our enterprise has cooperated with more than 300 enterprises in the province and accumulated rich production experience, which enables us to provide more professional and high-quality products for enterprises and institutions. For example, our enterprise has a unique method that only needs to collect the names, gender, net height, net weight, and age of personnel to ensure clothing fit. This method is only available by collecting data from 150000 people in Yunnan region.

Fifth advantage: everything is subject to the "report".

  Our enterprise accepts regular and irregular spot checks and supervision by Yunnan Quality Supervision Bureau to ensure quality.

Sixth advantage: helping enterprises solve practical problems with goodwill.

  Nowadays, enterprises have unstable personnel and all of them embroider corporate logos on their work clothes.The employee has resigned and the clothing cannot be processed, resulting in increased costs. In order to solve this problem, our enterprise doesn't embroider the enterprise's logo on the work clothes, but specially customized "identification logo" for the enterprise to be fixed on the work clothes.When an employee has resigned, the "logo" on the work clothes is removed, and the work clothes are still taken away by the employee himself, which will not bring negative influence to the enterprise and increase the inventory of used clothes, which is more convenient for management.

Seventh advantage: Guaranteed after-sales service.

  1.In case of quality problems of all products purchased in our enterprise, we unconditionally assumes full responsibility.

  2.Our enterprise has a special after-sales service department, which will regularly follow up and pay a return visit to the products purchased by our customers, and timely learn about the use of our products to ensure that our products can meet the requirements of our customers.

  3.When you pay a visit to your customers, if you find that there is a problem with the use of the products, we will arrange someone to deal with it in time. We can also provide services according to the requirements of your enterprise.

Kunming Fengling Garment Co., Ltd
Kunming Fengling Garment Co., Ltd
Kunming Fengling Garment Co., Ltd

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