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Develop and steady at the same time. Talent and career grow together.
Material and spiritual progress, quality and brand synchronization.


Enterprise philosophy: Decorate life and serve society

  Fengming Clothing produces not only the product itself, but also people's desire for high-quality life.From an individual point of view, Fengming clothing with its high-quality products and services gives consumers care and enjoyment, creating a better life for consumers and making life more wonderful;From the overall point of view , the long-term value orientation of Fengming clothing is to serve the society, which is the responsibility of enterprises and the focus of Fengming clothing.

Enterprise spirit: dedication, progress, leniency, and cooperation.

  The spirit of dedication regardless of personal gains and losses and the spirit of never-satisfying progress are the most important spiritual core of Fengming's clothing. They are also the precious wealth on which Fengming grows and represent the tensile force of Fengming. On the other hand, leniency and cooperation represent the introspective spirit of Fengming clothing culture.Tolerance originates from kindness, which emphasizes kindness and tolerance.Leniency originates from kindness, which emphasize mercy and tolerance.Fengming Clothing takes the way of "mutual aid" for employees to create a platform, affinity and equal rights enterprise for employees.There was no title of "servant girl" or "outsider sister" in Fengming's clothes. Only in the spirit of win-win cooperation it is shared among the staff, the upstream and the downstream, could they reach the other shore.  。


Enterprise aim: to satisfy consumers and develop partners.

  Consumers are the primary target of Fengming's service. Without the satisfaction of consumers, there will be no growth of Fengming. It is the support of consumers that makes the enterprise prosperous. Therefore, we must pay attention to the satisfaction of consumers.

  A single tree does not make a forest, and it is not spring. Fengming can't go forward alone in its operation and development, and any progress has a contribution from its partners. With the increasing emphasis on "supply chain", we should always adhere to the corporate purpose of symbiosis and co-development with our partners.
  We should create value for customers, create benefits for the enterprise, create career for employees and contribute to society.


Enterprise mission:

  The corporate mission of Fengming Clothing is gradually formed in the process of development, and it is also changing from quantitative change to qualitative change in the process of continuous development.

  As far as the current situation is concerned, the mission of Fengming Clothing is to further promote the construction of independent brands and consolidate the foundation of a century-old enterprise.

  As far as the long-term mission is concerned, Fengming clothing is to achieve the historical mission of "creating an international brand and building a century old enterprise".

  The mentality of a person and an enterprise determines the height of his career. With the mission of "creating an international brand and building a century old enterprise", Fengming clothing must have a good mentality to face the twists and turns of the process.Being rich not arrogant is because our ultimate goal is not wealth;Full but not overflowing means that our career is as big as how broad-minded we are, and our breadth of mind can always accommodate achievements;Modesty without inferiority, combining hardness and softness "allows us to maintain a humble heart at all times.When you are full of ambition, you don't feel complacent. When you are in adversity, you don't blame yourself. Stick to your stance on principles and maintain moderate flexibility in methods.

Kunming Fengling Garment Co., Ltd
Kunming Fengling Garment Co., Ltd
Kunming Fengling Garment Co., Ltd

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