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2013 Brazil international textile and garment fabrics Exhibition

2013-01-25 12:59

Opening time: July 18, 2013: Exhibition venue: July 21, 2013: Brazil Sao Paulo North Exhibition Center Contact Telephone: 021-61994855 Fax: Relevant Website: yxsales02@163.com Contact: Contractor: Expo Center Notre Contact Address: 2-10 Ted Business Center, 516 Yunchuan Road, Shanghai A brief introduction and review of the exhibition: South American textile exhibition is held once a year. The exhibition is highly professional, enthusiastic, and effective in trade. It is especially suitable for displaying spring and summer textiles. It plays an important role in the South American textile market. The 2011 Expo has an exhibition area of 20,000 sq. and more than 500 exhibitors from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, the United States, Mexico, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and other countries and regions; the professional audience of the Expo has reached 52,000 people from 39 countries, including importers. 27.39%, wholesalers and retailers accounted for 75%. The buyers will be divided into 72.55% categories: South America, 2.94%, North America 7.84% and Europe 11.76%. 98% of the audience will have the right to make purchasing decisions. The Expo is open to professional trade audiences only. The exhibition opened to China in 05 or 06 years, allowing Chinese enterprises to enter the exhibition. The Expo is the best way for Chinese enterprises to open up the South American market and also a large-scale fashion exhibition in Brazil. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world with a population of 200 million. At present, its economic strength ranks first in South America, ranks eighth in the world economy, and its per capita income is US$3,000. Brazil is also China's largest trading partner in Latin America and one of the key markets in China. Sao Paulo is Brazil's largest industrial center and an important textile production center, Brazil's largest city, the world's third largest city, with 17 million people, is South America's financial, trade and commercial center. A professional textile exhibition is held every year, mainly for Brazilian domestic orders, with the characteristics of domestic commodity exhibitions, exhibition scale of more than 70,000 square meters. After nearly 50 years of accumulation and development, the Expo has developed into a venue for exhibitors to publicize and promote export products, to understand the world's fashion trends, to strengthen customers, and to promote transactions. The textile industry is a pillar industry in Brazil. Started in the early part of last century. Brazil insiders believe that Brazil's industrialization began with the textile industry. Brazil is one of the world's leading producers of textiles and clothing. It is the world's second largest producer of coarse twill, the third largest producer of knitted fabrics, and the fifth largest producer of clothing (more than 10 billion pieces in 2005). Exhibits: Clothing (men, women, children), underwear, jeans, suits, sports and leisure clothing, fur, clothing accessories (ties, scarves, brooches, etc.); Fabrics and accessories: cotton and linen fabrics, knitted goods, textile products, fur products, accessories and accessories shoes: all kinds of shoes (men, women, children's shoes, sports shoes, fashion shoes, etc.) Leisure shoes, labor protection shoes, leather shoes, slippers, etc.) and shoes accessories and leather products underwear: a variety of underwear, swimsuits, beach clothes, socks, etc. Please call the exhibition fee consultation!

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