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Blending fabric follows popular transformation

2013-02-05 12:59

Blending has long been one of the trend of fabric development. It is very difficult to distinguish between cotton, wool, linen, silk and chemical fiber at the Chinese fashionable fabrics selection meeting. The diversification of textile materials makes them have me in you and I have you. From the comments of the judges on the spot, we can easily find that with the change of fashion, there are several trends in blended fabrics. A variety of natural fiber blended in the appraisal meeting site cotton, linen, silk, wool four types of fabrics, reporters see the most is a few natural raw materials of blended fabrics. The blending of two or several kinds of natural fibers not only ensures the natural and environmental protection of the fabric, but also makes the advantages of several kinds of fibers complement each other and the fabric has more comprehensive properties. A cotton 50%, Tencel 30%, wool 20% fabric using twill weave, warp and weft color, the front after light wool treatment, the fabric has a silky feel, good resilience, environmental protection and comfort. Liao Meifu, senior consultant of the National Textile Development Center, said: "This fabric will be cotton and wool blending, technically difficult to do, and the finished product style is very new, is a good fabric." Flax 65%, silk 35% two kinds of natural fiber blended fabric with silk luster, flax bone feeling; wool 45%, cotton 45%, flax 10% of the fabric using fiber differential dyeing, coarse and fine hetero-branched spinning technology, good air permeability, suitable for casual clothing production; wool 60%, silk 40% of a fabric color using gray tone Elegant, tranquil, flower type change is full of flowing feeling, and the cloth is delicate and delicate. These fabrics have been recognized by many judges. Zhang Li, from Australian wool development company, said that although the number of silk products in this review is small, the overall level is high, regardless of style or feel, reflects the general trend. Zhang Li said: "silk fabric blended with wool and wool, I think this idea is very good. The combination of silk's lightness and the weight of wool breaks the boundaries between raw materials and plays a complementary role. The blending of wool and natural fibers has become the development direction in recent years. The blending of wool and natural fibers has become the development trend of wool blended fabrics with functional materials and fashion movement. Xu Aiwu, the design director of Shanghai Bella Villa Garment Co., Ltd., is interested in a thin fabric with 95% viscose and 5% spandex. The printed fabric is clean, cool and breathable. Xu Aiwu thinks, this kind of fabric feels good, more importantly, the fabric permeability is very good, clothing will be very comfortable to wear. Wool 55%, moisture absorption and sweating fiber 40%, wire 5% of a fabric by the judges, the use of metal core-spun yarn, so that the product in maintaining the appearance of wrinkles at the same time with shape memory, anti-radiation, anti-static function and other characteristics of wire, moisture absorption and sweating fiber added to enhance the comfort of wool fabric. At the meeting, Weng Wenjin, director of DuPont SORONA Greater China Promotion, revealed that DuPont SORONA was working with Haitian Merino wool to develop new yarns. In this regard, East China Haitian Textile Technology Development Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhang Lianjing said: "The combination of SORONA and Merino fabric will present two characteristics. First of all, SORONA customized dyeing, to remove the damage to wool, SORONA also slowed down the prickle of wool, so that fabric feel better, can be used in underwear; In addition, on the elasticity, to achieve 1 + 1 > 2, so that better elasticity, used in knitted sweaters, sweaters with outstanding results. It is understood that there are currently four or five factories in the mass production of SORONA and Merino cooperation in the development of new yarns, is expected to be listed in several countries in the second half of the year. Functionality is dominant, and the development direction of this fabric has been fully reflected in the products under review. Adding functional fibers is an effective way to make the fabric functional. Whether it is elastic fiber, moisture absorption and perspiration fiber, wire or other functional fibers of a wide range of names are added to the fabric products to functional approach. Song Dewu, general manager of Hebei Jiga Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., is interested in a blended fabric of chemical fibers and natural fibers, which uses cationic dyeable polyester, viscose, PTT fibers and wool as raw materials and uses advanced grey tones. Song Dewu said that this kind of fabric by a variety of fiber reasonable combination, the cloth surface is light and tidy, good elasticity, feel lively and plump, in addition to the implicit color, suitable for high-grade men's wear. A cotton and spandex blended knitted fabric is stamped with gold stamping, soft handle, good elasticity, suitable for body-to-body wear; 71% viscose, 29% silk chenille yarn gives the fabric three-dimensional stripe effect; 50% tencel, 50% hemp fabric after biological enzyme treatment, soft handle, with double bamboo effect, and has moisture absorption, breathability, and so on. Antibacterial function... Chemical fiber products accounted for a large proportion of the review meeting, the addition of natural fiber to chemical fiber fabrics to cater to the trend of environmental protection, natural fashion, whether in grade or performance has been greatly improved.

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