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2013 the thirteenth Hangzhou international clothing and Accessories Fair

2013-02-05 12:59

Beginning time: June-24, 2013: Exhibition venue: June-26, 2013: Hangzhou Overseas International Convention and Exhibition Center (329 Shangtang Road) Telephone: 0571-87397545 Fax: 0571-89972766 Related Website: www.chic-hz.com E-mail: 493983766@qq.com Contacts: Zhang Yi Contractor: Hangzhou Gebo Exhibition has Contact Address: No. 9 Xiyuan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou: Exhibition: June 22 - 23, 2013 Opening Ceremony: June 24, 2013 9:30 Exhibition: June 24 - 26, 2013 Exhibition: June 26, 2013 Afternoon [Success Background] The 13th China (Hangzhou) International Textile and Garment Trade Fair is abbreviated as "2" "Hangzhou Clothing Expo 2013" since the first held in 2001 so far, with the rapid development of the global textile and clothing industry and continue to grow. The success of previous exhibitions has proved that the "Hangzhou Clothing Expo 2013" has now become the industry's leading apparel franchisers and top trading companies at home and abroad the best choice of the focus of the meeting. Hangzhou, as the meeting of Zhejiang Province, has many first-class department stores and stores in China. Many famous international brands, such as LV, GUCCI, Chanel, Versace and Dior, have been stationed in Hangzhou. They have broad market prospects and strong consumption capacity. Therefore, the Organizing Committee of the exhibition holds a docking meeting between silk, clothing enterprises and department stores for the domestic market. Foreign clothing brands in Hangzhou market to facilitate the invitation of Hangzhou Tower, Vientiane City, Jiebai, Yintai, Lianhua Group and other enterprises to discuss with the exhibition, looking for opportunities for cooperation. Through cooperation with Shanghai service agencies, nearly 800 purchasing enterprises and buyers from the United States, Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions were invited to attend the last international purchasing docking meeting. Tens of millions of dollars were agreed by the exhibitors. As long as we continue to expand the high-quality resources of overseas buyers, there are still a lot of business opportunities in foreign trade. This year, the Organizing Committee of the exhibition and Shanghai service agencies will work together again, inviting nearly 1,000 overseas purchasing groups and buyers from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Japan and South Korea to come to Hangzhou for one-to-one seamless docking with enterprises, which is bound to bring more business opportunities to the participating enterprises. About exhibitors: The total exhibition area of the previous exhibitions was 28000 square meters, and 465 exhibitors from more than 16 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. Among them, there are more than 365 exhibitors in China and more than 100 overseas exhibitors. The booths are arranged according to women's clothing, men's wear, children's wear, casual wear, leather, fabric, accessories and so on. The success of previous exhibitions has proved that the enterprises that have participated in the clothing exhibition for a long time are still very enthusiastic, and all kinds of new textile and clothing enterprises are also on the growth trend. Especially this year, some new outstanding enterprises have come to the exhibition with newly promoted clothing. Several domestic characteristic industrial bases have also participated in the exhibition in the form of exhibition groups. Audience: "2013 Hangzhou Expo" has been on display for three days. A total of 69258 (incomplete statistics) buyers were invited. Among them, clothing franchisees, agents, trade import and export companies accounted for 73.38% of the total. In the first cooperation with Shanghai service agencies, nearly 30 purchasing enterprises and buyers from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Netherlands, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan were invited to attend the exhibition, and the intention of millions of dollars was reached. There are still a lot of business opportunities in exporting high-quality resources. This year, the Organizing Committee of the exhibition and Shanghai Service Agency will invite nearly 50 overseas purchasing groups and buyers from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Japan and South Korea to come to Hangzhou for one-to-one seamless docking. This will certainly bring more business opportunities to the exhibitors. Graphic media publicity: We will publicize the exhibition in more than 40 professional media, as well as in central and local A-level newspapers and magazines, and form a national graphic media publicity network radiated by Hangzhou and Shanghai. 2. Online publicity: On the basis of publicizing the exhibition, we will cooperate with professional information providers to provide the most timely exhibition, industry information and exhibitor dynamic information for viewers visiting the official website of the exhibition. At the same time, we will optimize the search engine and keyword settings to facilitate visitors to search for exhibition related information.3. Huge database resources: Through Association and organization unit professional buyer database, we invite textile, clothing, agents, franchisers, senior leaders of wholesalers, supervisors, and other related industries and people to visit and discuss. 4. Promotion by direct mail: 1 million invitations and exhibition information are printed and sent directly to tens of thousands of professional audiences through various means. Following this, the staff of the Lixin Exhibition Professional Call Center team will notify, invite and remind every professional audience to come to the exhibition. 5. SMS Promotion: We will lock in hundreds of thousands of leading mobile phone numbers of textile and apparel related industries before the exhibition, invite and remind potential audience to visit the exhibition by SMS, and expand the visibility and influence of the exhibition. [Scope of Exhibition] Men's wear series: formal dress, business casual wear, sportswear, leather dress, jeans, knitted clothing, down clothing, trousers, shirts, etc; women's wear series: fashionable women's wear, suits, casual women's wear, ladies'wear, underwear, knitted clothing, silk clothing, leather / leather clothing, evening dress, wedding dress Yarn, etc; Occupational wear series: student wear, children's wear: children's clothing, infant clothing and apparel products: ties, scarves, shawls, shoes and hats, bags, jewelry and other fashion accessories; Clothing label: men's label processing, sports clothing label processing, professional label processing, women's label processing, etc. Casual denim garment processing, fashion apparel labeling processing, fur apparel labeling processing, sweater knitting labeling processing, children's apparel labeling processing apparel equipment: sewing machine and parts, apparel production control system and conveyor equipment, apparel machinery, apparel CAD management software apparel information: apparel design, apparel colleges, apparel. Fashion information, clothing publications, clothing media textiles: clothing fabrics, accessories, fibers and yarns and other textile home textiles products: home textiles, textile accessories, etc. [Exhibition fees] Regional Type Fee Standard for Booth Category (RMB) Explains International Standard Booth (3m *3m) = 9_A booth (RMB) $12800 / Note: Double-sided Opening The booth will be charged 20% extra for a 2.5 m high three-sided panel (except for double openings), an inquiry table, two folding chairs, Chinese lintels, two spotlights, carpets, and a 220V/5A power outlet. Zone B exhibition space 9800 yuan / indoor floor (36 m? Rent) Zone A exhibition platform 1280 yuan / 1, no equipment, self-built, decoration.2, the price does not include the exhibition hall charged special management fees and special electricity charges. Zone B booth 980 yuan / All booths include organizing users to participate in negotiations, publishing company profiles free of charge in the conference magazines, exhibition cleaning, security, insurance, newspapers, magazines and other advertising services. (Renminbi) Cover: 18,000 Yuan Back: 15,000 Yuan Back: 2:12,000 Yuan Back: 3:9000 Yuan Color Full Edition: 5,000 Yuan Black and White Full Edition: 2,800 Yuan (Renminbi) Invitation: 6,000 Yuan / 10,000 Visit Tickets: 5,000 Yuan / 10,000 Yuan Arch: 8,000 Yuan / Extension; Banner: 5,000 Yuan / Extension Color Balloon: 10,000 Yuan Exhibitors should remit 50% of the exhibition fee to the organizing unit by cable within 4 days after the application for the exhibition. Retain, after the exhibition fee remitted, please fax the bank remittance slip to the organizing unit, and we will issue the invoice after receiving the exhibition fee. 4. After receiving the application and the exhibition fee, the organizing unit will send the "exhibition manual" to the exhibitors before 10 June 2012. [Professional undertaker] The exhibition is devoted to market research all the year round. And the expansion work, every year in major, medium and small cities and special industrial bases throughout the country regularly visit the production enterprises, and then according to their needs targeted invitation buyers, one-to-one pairing of commercial services, at the same time, also in the country's major related exhibitions to carry out publicity activities and organize professional audiences. Ge Bo people do not pursue all the exhibition projects, only to pursue textile and clothing projects stronger and bigger. Instead of seeking to occupy every market, it only seeks to occupy the big market in Shanghai. Hangzhou Hangzhou Expo Expo Co., Ltd.

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