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Work clothes should be standardized.

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2013/04/24 12:59
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An employee of a chemical enterprise was wrapped in flames when a device caught fire because of careless operation. After the fire was put out, he was found to have suffered little damage because he was strictly in protective overalls. It is not difficult to see that wearing work clothes in strict accordance with the regulations is an important protection measure to ensure safe production and avoid personal injury to employees, not a "trivial matter". Work clothes are special clothes worn by employees when they work. Don't underestimate a small work clothes, with the progress of the times its scientific and technological content is getting higher and higher, for the petrochemical enterprises to produce work clothes, generally with anti-acid and alkali, high temperature, heat radiation, flame retardant and breathable properties, in the production of enterprises really play a "talisman" role. At present, most chemical enterprises should regularly distribute their work clothes to their employees. However, the results of a survey are worrying: 32% of people are indifferent to wearing work clothes according to the regulations, think their position is not too dangerous, how to wear it; 13% of people do not understand the role of work clothes, feel that there is no need to wear. At the same time, many enterprises only distribute their work clothes, but propaganda, education and supervision are not in place. Some young employees feel that their work clothes are too popular and rustic, so they give them away to their relatives and friends, or even sell them. In the production site of some enterprises, we can also see a lot of employees irregular dress, open-minded or even bare-chested in summer, wearing shorts and slippers, winter disliked the heavy overalls and thrown aside. Some leading cadres in grass-roots suits and shoes, and do not pay attention to standardized dress, in the staff has taken the lead in violation of the bad impact. And this seemingly insignificant bad habits, in fact, to the safety of production enterprises and employees of the safety and health of the root cause. Therefore, whether the enterprise managers or production front-line employees, to wear uniforms as a daily task of safe production, must not be careless.