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Bus drivers will wear new uniforms during the South Expo.

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2013/04/24 12:59
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Yesterday, the Kunming Public Transport Group held a "2013 party building, party conduct and clean government building, propaganda and ideological work arrangements and the Youth League Committee May 4th Advanced commendation meeting", reporters learned from the meeting, during the South Expo, Kunming bus drivers will wear new uniforms. Miao Xianjun, chairman of Kunming Public Transport Group, said that during the Expo, Kunming Public Transport will purchase 200 new energy buses and uniformly make clothes for front-line drivers. According to the relevant person in charge, the current Kunming public transport uniforms are mainly shirts, T-shirts are being customized for light blue body red collar, a set of long and short sleeves. A team official said that T-shirts were better than shirts in terms of comfort and sweat absorption.