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Look at how foreign employees wear their work clothes.

2013-04-24 12:59

USA: Friday casual wear of the United States traditional large companies on staff dress and office space are mostly required, generally Monday to Thursday to wear professional clothes, Friday casual, jeans, T-shirts, casual wear can be. Employees also need to decide what to wear according to the specific situation, attending formal meetings or meeting customers are required to wear formal clothes. Some companies in emerging industries, such as IT, are less stringent in dress, with reports of people wearing slippers to work in less stringent companies. Japan: The dress code is very strict in Japan. The government and the company are very strict about the dress code. Even in the hot summer, casual wear is not allowed. In some counties of Japan, female civil servants wear uniforms at work: grey waistcoats with skirts and plain shirts. Apart from fashion companies and Internet companies, the popular "Friday Casual Day" in North America has never really caught on in Japanese companies. Recently, the Japanese government launched an energy saving campaign called "cool business". The action required civil servants to throw their suits and ties in their homes and wear casual clothes to work this summer. Even so, the dress Manual issued by the Japanese government's Ministry of Environment still has some requirements, such as belt and shoes color matching to be appropriate. Media reports also pointed out that past experience shows that the "modification" plan is hard to succeed in Japan. In 1979, after the second oil crisis, Japanese Prime Minister Shigeru Ohito wore a half-sleeved suit and tie to show his new image of energy conservation, but his new image was not accepted by the Japanese. Holland: Male employees can not wear short sleeves companies are generally more conservative, male employees are required to wear a suit and tie. Male employees can take off their coats when they arrive indoors, but their shirts should be worn well because European bosses generally resent seeing their male employees wearing short-sleeved clothes. For girls, they must wear a suit, usually a shirt with a "one-step skirt", the weather is hot to wear stockings, short-sleeved jacket is acceptable, but must not wear sleeveless clothes.

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