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Dongli functional clothing and functional fabrics unveiled at the Tenth China professional wear entrepreneurs Summit

2013-05-13 12:59

Japanese Toray Functional Professional Wear and Fabrics Presented at the 10th China Professional Wear Entrepreneurs Summit The meeting was warmly welcomed and widely concerned by the delegates. It is the guiding principle of the Chinese Professional Wear Industry Association to guide enterprises to advance to the depth and breadth of the production of professional wear, which is guided by the Committee of Science and Technology, based on fabrics and designed as the soul, vigorously develops and applies functional fabrics, and develops people-oriented and conforms to the concept of safety and health. In 2012, China professional wear industry association and Japan Dongli Group actively promoted exchanges and cooperation. In the docking of Dongli Liquor Yiwei Dyeing Nantong Co., Ltd. and China's professional wear enterprises, we have constantly strengthened cooperation and actively expanded the influence of Dongli products. This time, "Japan Toray Functional Fabrics Promotion Meeting", Toray Jiuyi Weaving and Dyeing Nantong Co., Ltd. to the professional wear entrepreneurs from all over the country introduced the performance and characteristics of Toray functional fabrics, on-site display of more than 100 kinds of products, by the wide attention of professional wear enterprises and praise. They think Dongli Liquor Yiwei Dyeing Nantong Limited's products are really refreshing, not only highlights such as moisture absorption and sweating, washable and quick drying, anti-fouling and waterproof, wind and breathability and other features, but also beautiful colors, rich feel, is a good fabric for the production of professional wear. Many enterprises have established contacts with Dongli Jiuyi Weaving and Dyeing Nantong Co., Ltd., asking for fabric samples, many enterprises have the intention to purchase. (together with benefits)

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