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The first exhibition of Chinese professional wear will be held in Shanghai.

2013-05-13 12:59

The Shanghai International Professional Garment Exposition, co-sponsored by the Textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and Lingshuo Group, will be held in Shanghai in June this year. After more than two years of exploration and investigation on the domestic and international professional clothing market, under the background of the saturation of the national clothing exhibition, the exhibition organizing committee subdivides the market, weeds out the old and brings forth the new. The Shanghai International Professional Clothing Exposition in 2013 has taken a new first step. It is reported that the first Shanghai International Professional Clothing Expo will be held in Shanghai Light Convention and Exhibition Center from June 5 to 7, 2013. Shanghai International Professional Garment Expo will adhere to the principle of "shaping industry vane? Building world brand", closely around the theme of "professional clothing", expand new marketing channels such as group purchase and customization, promote the construction of professional clothing brand, promote the development of professional clothing industry. Famous clothing brands from China, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Britain and other countries have actively responded to the exhibition. At present, Boston, Apple, ASEAN Group, Austey, Meilan, Jinhai Group, Gaoya and Emperor have entered the exhibition. Hunan, Jiangsu, Henan and other provinces, municipal garment associations, chambers of Commerce have also organized groups to participate in the exhibition, 25,000 square meters of exhibition area has been almost half booked. Japan's "fiber NEWS" in the first time to know that the Exhibition hosted the contact agreement with the exhibition hosts, they will bring well-known Japanese professional clothing brand group to participate in this exhibition. In the autumn cold period of macro economy, the popularity of the professional clothing exposition far exceeded the expectations of the organizers, and the display area even doubled and expanded. Shanghai International Professional Clothing Exposition is the only professional international exhibition in the field of professional clothing in China, which combines brand building, image display, new product release, product promotion, channel construction, industry information exchange and trade cooperation. It has set up a professional international exhibition for Chinese clothing enterprises to go global and foreign brands to enter the Chinese market. A modern propaganda window and exchange platform. The exhibition has formed a complete industrial chain of professional wear, paying special attention to the selection and promotion of professional audiences, and has set up a brand-new modern business and trade exchange platform for government agencies, banks, securities, insurance, schools, communications, machinery, mining, petrochemical, construction, tobacco, real estate, restaurants and hotels. This leading international super exhibition service mode greatly increases the confidence of exhibitors and the satisfaction of buyers. There are several highlights of this exhibition, the first is specialization: this professional clothing exhibition is positioned in professional exhibitions, refuse retail sales, through the "three main and one auxiliary" to create a professional professional clothing exposition: first, to the high-end brand agent to join the investment and trade negotiations, brand display, and department stores docking; second, docking countries; International and domestic designers and brand enterprises mainly; Third, to help international brands to develop the Chinese market mainly; Fourth, international purchasers to take this platform as a supplement. The second is internationalization: this professional clothing exhibition invites foreign professional media, government, business network, representative offices in China, provincial and municipal chambers of Commerce associations, etc. to gather together and strive to make the "Shanghai International Professional Clothing Exposition" a vane of industry development and fashion trends, and is the entry of international brands into the Chinese market. The bridgehead of Chinese enterprises going to the international market.

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