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Thought of work clothes.

2013-04-24 12:59

It's time for work clothes again every year. This year, different years ago, the work clothes changed the fabric, also changed the pattern, wore the upper body, also has a very smooth type. "It's really good, but the best clothes become work clothes, they are nothing." The words of one employee made me feel very much. Once upon a time, work clothes were a must for all workers, and everyone was proud of their work clothes. In recent years, the workers' clothing has also been a part of the donation for the poor and poor areas. "It's nice to put it in your house and give it away." What's more, give it away. As a result, there are a lot of people in work clothes, but not employees in the streets and lanes. In fact, work clothes are the uniforms of employees. As we all know, soldiers wear military uniforms, students have school uniforms, and business personnel have corresponding uniforms. Although, the work clothes do not look good in fashion, and some even do not fit, but I would like to say that the work clothes are not only a suit, in petrochemical enterprises, work clothes are protective clothes and safety clothes for workers. A chemical enterprise once happened such a thing: due to careless operation, the device suddenly caught fire, an entire staff was wrapped in a fire, the fire was very fierce, despite effective measures, but this staff clothes almost burned out. To his surprise, his body was hardly damaged. It turned out that the staff strictly dressed according to labor insurance and wore work clothes. If we don't wear this uniform, the consequences will be unthinkable. Workwear is not only a function of labor protection, but also a fashion of corporate culture, which is an important element of our corporate image. Wal-Mart, IBM and Volkswagen, the world's top 500 multinational companies, are also influencing the attention of the people with their employees wearing standardized uniforms. Uniformed clothing is also seen everywhere in supermarkets and stores. In fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and KFC, the uniform dress is also seen. Why do so many departments of enterprises, they have chosen the form of work clothes, the uniform dress? This is because the standardized work clothes, help forge enterprise discipline, strengthen the cohesion of corporate culture, enhance the sense of belonging of employees, to create a good business order. Work clothes, the cohesion of enterprise standards and norms, coordination and harmonious team spirit, external transmission of corporate dignity and confidence. Maybe there are some defects in the work clothes. But most importantly, as members of the enterprise, how can we truly identify with our enterprise, our corporate culture, and thus identify with their own uniforms, work clothes. Enterprise organizations without cultural nourishing will never grow into towering trees. Perhaps the most urgent task is to establish a corporate culture that is truly recognized by the staff.

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