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What aspects should be paid for custom-made work clothes?

2013-04-24 12:59

Besides successful marketing, the most successful part of an enterprise is management. As can be seen, many employees of listed companies have unified dress, customization of work clothes has become the responsibility of enterprise logistics. Workwear design should be based on customer requirements, combined with professional characteristics, team culture, age structure, shape characteristics, wearing habits, from the color of clothing, fabrics, styles, styling, collocation and other considerations, to provide the best design, to create a new professional image rich in connotation and taste for customers. The tailor-made garments should be considered from the following factors, such as the figure, fabric and the characteristics of the work clothes. Not to mention the weight, height, and so on. The fabrics of professional wear are generally: Gongshuang, Seiko, antistatic silk, Oxford spinning and so on. These fabrics have their unique properties, such as Gongshuang: after high temperature treatment, the fabric is compact and luxurious, good resilience, easy to machine wash, good wrinkle resistance. Seiko: The fabric has the anti-crease, anti-pilling (wool) effect of chemical fiber, and the cotton back is comfortable, moisture absorption and ventilation characteristics. Antistatic silk: its main material is conductive fiber, suitable for petroleum, chemical, electronics, coal mine and other conductive industries. Boutique Oxford Textile: clear texture, smooth cloth, no fading, no pilling, shrink proof water, easy machine wash. The key points of professional wear are three factors, such as economy, aesthetics and functionality. Because the principle of uniform design is first of all clear targeted: for different industries, the same industry, different enterprises, the same enterprise, different posts, the same post, different identities, gender and so on. Specific design differences summarize why people wear, wear time, wear place, why wear, what to wear. What kind of value can work clothes embody? That is, the benefits of wearing professional clothes: 1. Improving the cohesion of enterprises wearing uniforms can enhance the sense of belonging of employees to the enterprise, as well as the sense of identity between employees, thus enhancing the cohesion between enterprises and teams, as well as between employees and staff and collaboration. 2. setting up corporate image and wearing uniform are not only the packaging of personal image, but also the embodiment of corporate image. Successful business experience tells us that a company with a good image is more likely to stand out from the competition in the business world. Image can be transformed into a magic weapon for enterprises in the market and in front of customers. 3. Creating a unique corporate culture work uniform is wearing on people, not only can reflect the spirit of employees, but also can reflect the cultural connotation of the enterprise. For example, dark colors and conservative styles of uniforms reflect the steady style of the enterprise; and bright colors, fashionable style of work clothes can show the enterprise's innovation and pioneering spirit. 4. Standardizing employees'behavior and putting on their work clothes will enable employees to work quickly. Uniform is the embodiment of self-discipline, professionalism and loyalty to their duties. It can undoubtedly play a role in standardizing employees' behavior and enhancing their sense of discipline. It can be seen that the value and meaning of work clothes is still very significant.

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