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The laid-off women workers change to the queen of garment.

2013-08-26 12:59

Focus on women Entrepreneurship

Following Liu Wanfeng, chairman of Kunming Fengling Clothing Co., Ltd., into the entrance of the company, the red and yellow characters of the "Fengming Clothing" logo is very striking, giving a warm and reassuring feeling. A three-storey building stands tall in a small yard, with slogans such as "the growth experience of the pioneers in innovation industry", "the quality you do well, the customer can't keep running" coming into view. Looking at the standard production workshop, the display hall is full of all kinds of clothes and hats products, the office area is arranged in good order. It's hard to imagine that this is "Feng Ming" coming out of a 9 square meter cottage.

Starting from the 9 square meter tailoring shop

In 1992, Liu Wanfeng was assigned to work in Kunming Red Flag Garment Factory, a state-owned enterprise, after graduating from the high sewing specialty of the 21st vocational school in the city. At that time, she was confronted with the tide of planned economy transforming into market economy and was about to face unemployment. It was a real blow to Liu Wanfeng, who came out of the deep mountain, and returned home to repeat the old generation's days of "facing the Loess and back to the sky, doing things at sunrise and resting at sunset". "I am not reconciled to myself, my parents are also sad for me. I must rely on my own hands to break out a road." Liu Wanfeng recalled the situation at that time firmly. All things are opportunities and challenges. In 1996, she resigned voluntarily and went home to move the Butterfly pedal sewing machine purchased by her parents with "tickets" to Shizha Village, Xinying District. She rented a 9 square meter pavement and began to tailor herself to make clothes for others using the clothing technology she had learned at school. Since then, Liu Wanfeng has embarked on the difficult step of starting a business. As the saying goes, "everything is difficult at the beginning", I really realized its connotation at that time. Liu Wanfeng said with a smile of self mockery. However, the "women do not let a man" be embodied in Liu Wanfeng. On the first day of my baby's birth, I rode a bicycle to deliver the goods. On the third day of my baby's birth, I was discharged without taking into account the moonlight. As soon as I get home, I make clothes for my customers, and I do not work in the daytime. In retrospect of the past that she herself felt incredible, Liu Wanfeng said with emotion, "Even if you are tired again, you can't give up easily. Besides, you have to grit your teeth to get through without turning back an arrow or retreating." Although the profit of small business is not high, but Liu Wanfeng with their own clothing design talent and superb cutting technology, after two years of unremitting efforts, gradually won the recognition and trust of customers, and gradually began to have a small reputation near Xinying. With the deepening understanding of clothing design and production, and the increasing customer order production, the idea of "Fengling Shop" to become "Fengling Garment Factory" came into being.

Rumors have expanded the reputation of enterprises.

In September 2002, Liu Wanfeng's long-awaited "Kunming Fengling Clothing Co., Ltd." was formally approved by the Kunming Bureau of Industry and Commerce to establish. The road to entrepreneurship has taken another big step forward, from a "clothing workshop" to a clothing production as the main body of labor-intensive enterprises gradually excessive. In addition to making clothes for established retail customers, Liu Wanfeng began to take over the batch production of work uniforms from various industries, large and small companies. Business opportunities always accompany challenges. Just as Liu Wanfeng and her "Fengling" developed into a breeze of water, some tangible and invisible challenges followed. In 2003, SARS swept through most of China. At that time, some illegal vendors took the opportunity to spread masks, which were the best way to isolate the rumors of SARS, to boost the prices of masks and other commodities. The government has promptly taken a number of effective measures to stabilize prices, including prohibiting garment factories from stockpiling large quantities of white cotton cloth, monopolizing masks and related products, in order to disrupt market order. However, when the wood is in the forest, the wind will destroy it. When Liu Wanfeng bought a large number of white cotton cloth in order to rush to make a number of clothes, some peers reported that "Fengling clothing" malicious hoarding of white cotton, mask production, ready to speculate to upset prices. Municipal Health Bureau and other relevant departments to implement the authenticity of this matter, asked "Fengling" closed for a week, so as to conduct in-depth investigation. This is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for Liu Wanfeng, who has always been a simple person and does his job. As a result of a week's closure investigation, Fengling was unable to collect and deliver the goods in time and compensate the customers for breach of contract. This was all the worse for Fengling, who was in urgent need of development funds. Liu Wanfeng was not thinking about tea and dinner day and night and became exhausted day by day. At this time, her husband Deng Bishen comforted Liu Wanfeng. "People are not afraid that the shadow will give us an innocence, when a free advertising it." A week later, the Municipal Health Bureau gave the result that "Fengling clothing" did not hoard white cotton production mask, there is no flaunting new things, the situation of raising prices. And "Fengling" good reputation for integrity management, as Deng Bishen said, spread to the door, specializing in looking for "Fengming" customized clothing business units are doubled.

Feng Ling's annual output value reaches ten million.

Today, Kunming Fengling Clothing Co., Ltd. has grown into a leader in private clothing enterprises in Kunming, the annual production output of clothing and hats more than 120,000 sets / pieces, the annual output value has reached 10 million yuan. They were "Kunming Iron and Steel Group", "Yunnan Honghe tobacco group" and "China shift" respectively.

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