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China's professional wear fabrics reach the international high-end market

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2013/09/22 12:59
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Recently, the International Wool Bureau and Jiangsu Sunshine Group, the world's largest wool textile enterprise, jointly announced the brand SUNDIVO in Beijing News Building, which also marks the transformation of Jiangsu Sunshine Group (600220, stock bar) from manufacturing in China to creating in China.

Chen Lifen, chairman of the group, told reporters that he hoped the cooperation with the International Wool Bureau would give Sundivo a place in the international market for high-end professional fabrics. Meanwhile, he also hoped that the International Wool Bureau could enhance the professional and authoritative position in the global textile industry and enhance the field of Chinese fabrics and professional wear. Its industry status and innovation advantages are steadily moving towards internationalization.

Wei Xiaoya, General Manager of China of the International Wool Bureau, also indicated that as an international innovation and promotion organization for fibers, the International Wool Bureau will continue to work to promote the internationalization of China's leading enterprises.