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How to distinguish the quality of work clothes?

2014-04-08 12:59

Often listen to the customer said that customized work clothes before there will be a variety of quality problems, procurement can not be distinguished, resulting in no small loss. Then the quality of work clothes in the end if the appraisal, the experts summarized, mainly from the following five aspects of the appraisal of the quality of work clothes:

First, the appearance of work clothes. Work clothes should be neat, flat, symmetrical left and right, folding straight, all parts of the ironing level, no leakage, no dead pleats, product wireless head, no yarn hair. Lines and fabrics, including color, texture, fastness, shrinkage, etc., should be roughly the same, to ensure that the internal quality of clothing and appearance quality. The color of buttons should be commensurate with fabric color.

Two. Size of work clothes. The type of clothing must be set according to the stipulations of the "clothing model series" standard. The specification is limited to the tolerance range allowed by the standard.

Three, the color difference of work clothes. Chromatic aberration is the requirement for the work clothes. According to the national standard for color difference, collar, bag fabric, trousers side seam is the main part of clothing, color difference is higher than grade 4, other surface parts of grade 4. The color difference test of work clothes is borrowed from "fading fastness card of color fastness". The sample card is one of the national standards formulated by the Ministry of textile industry. The sample card is made up of five pairs of grey standard samples and divided into five grades. Grade five is the best color fastness, the color difference is equal to zero, grade four to grade one is the relative increasing degree of fading, grade one is the most serious.

Four, the defects of work clothes. According to the standard, only one defect is allowed in each independent part. That is to say, there are defects on the garment piece, and no defects can be found on the pouch and bag cover in this independent part. The types of defects vary with different fabrics. The decision should be carried out according to the standard. Independent part is the area divided by the piece, according to the main part of the piece, divided into 1, 2, 3, 4 areas. Each part is an area on the garment piece.

Five. Sewing of work clothes. In the needle spacing density, specify the distance between the open line (including the invisible line of the open line), and 14 to 18 needles per 3cm. There are many varieties of fabrics. In order to ensure the appearance and firmness of the products, different stitches should be chosen for different fabrics. For example, the stitch distance of hard fabric can be thinning, and the stitch spacing of soft fabric can be denser. The sewing part of the line is not allowed to bend casually, to meet the needs of the work clothes modeling; the line should be neat, non-overlapping, no jumping needle, parabolic, clear and good-looking stitches, stitching starting and checking needles to be solid, the length of the lap line should be appropriate, no leakage needle, thread off phenomenon, loosening of the sewing line and fabric thickness, texture to adapt.

With the above 5 points, when you choose the work clothes, you can tell the quality of the good or bad.

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