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The third Shanghai international professional wear Exhibition

2015-03-13 12:59

With the development trend of advanced customization of dresses and the needs of high-end private customization of dresses, the exhibition of advanced private customization emerges as the times require. As the characteristic exhibition area of the 3rd Shanghai International Professional Wear Expo, the Advanced Private Customization Exhibition is designed as a VIP private club-like experience area, inviting well-known domestic and foreign high-level private clothing customization companies to settle in, while displaying excellent design quality, to gain the favor of on-site purchasing experience. The number of places is limited. Through close cooperation and interaction with TV stations, high-end life and consumer clubs, community luxury media, and associations, the Organizing Committee will bring together groups of entrepreneurs who need to be customized and privately customized by groups, high-end quality-of-life advocates, middle and senior managers of enterprises and enterprises, and celebrities from all walks of life at home and abroad. Cooperation and cooperation at the event site.

The third Shanghai International Professional Fashion Exhibition in 2015 will open up a special custom-made clothing exhibition area at the exhibition site. At that time, the exhibitors will gather together to create a "high-definition" fashion trend that combines with international fashion fabrics and brands, incorporating the cultural connotation of Chinese characteristics, and will surely bring a different light to the high-grade custom wedding dress on the spot. Color. Distinguished from the traditional dress and dress pattern, the exhibition site dress high-level customization enterprise is designed according to each customer's own characteristics and wearing occasions. In the production process from the design, typesetting, cutting, production, decoration, workmanship excellence, strive for perfection. Fabrics and decorations are mostly imported fabrics and decorations. Such as advanced imported lace, crystal, pearls and other materials. And a large number of manual production, time-consuming and laborious. Every dress is unique in its gloss, touch and hanging feeling, light gauze, romantic beauty, delicate lace, heart-stirring, complex bead-nail decoration, doubling the noble, comfortable and broad fabrics, presenting a dress of art!

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