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Tooling is the embodiment of corporate culture and corporate image.

2018-08-25 10:32

With the continuous development of clothing culture, tooling is no longer just a labor protection dress, but an indispensable part of corporate culture and corporate image. More and more enterprises have their own cultural elements of tooling, intangible tooling has become the business card of enterprises and employees. Through tooling, to a certain extent, people can read out the credibility of the enterprise, service quality and other information, enhance people's emotional identity to the enterprise.

"Many details of our tooling reflect our corporate culture." Zhengzhou City North Ring agricultural bank hall manager Ms. Su said. When the reporter saw Ms. Su, she was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, a small round lapel, a green bow, collar and cuffs with dark green hook edge, green button shape similar to the Agricultural Bank logo, the lower body is dark blue trousers. Ms. Su told reporters that green is the standard color of ABC, symbolizing vitality and vitality, showing the flourishing and flourishing business style of ABC, green and white in different forms to match, reflecting the ABC's "pioneering and forging ahead, creating harmony" corporate culture. The round collar gives the customer a cordial feeling and is consistent with the values of "serving the customers sincerely". The decoration of the green bow is to show the wisdom and generosity of the women in the Agricultural Bank. Dark blue trousers, stable and generous, representing a stable style of business, management standards, and the Agricultural Bank of China "honest business, steady and far-reaching" corporate values consistent.

"First-class enterprises do culture, culture cohesion, any enterprise want to be strong and big, need to have a lasting culture to support, and one of the manifestations of cultural construction is tooling. Today's tooling can be said to be a carrier of corporate culture, employees wearing it not only establishes the image of the enterprise, but also presents the cultural heritage of our enterprise for many years. Good think of your Date Co., Ltd. director Zhang said that their tooling printed with a very obvious "miss you" sign, through the tooling directly affects the public's attention, fully demonstrating their love to cast the "miss you" brand confidence. A red heart-shaped pattern shows their "conscience engineering, moral industry" standards of conduct and "true feelings, gratitude, loyal consumers" corporate culture vividly.

Reporters visited found that in some workplaces, venues or social activities sites, whether companies or units, all appear in front of the public with a unified tooling with their own cultural elements, affecting the public's attention.

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