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Which channel is the most suitable for enterprises to make professional clothes?

2015-03-13 12:59

Business attire is the "first business card" of an enterprise. It makes it difficult for many enterprises to buy from anywhere and how. There are three kinds of installation channels that enterprises generally think of: group purchasing of retail ready-made clothes stores, professional dress customization of stores, professional dress brand customization. Which of these channels is more suitable for enterprises?

As more and more Chinese enterprises enter the international arena, professional attire has become an indispensable factor in corporate image building. In addition to the traditional state-owned enterprises and institutions, a large number of new enterprises, corporate groups have recognized the importance of standardized dress for corporate image building. Not knowing the market, not having experience and not knowing the relevant links of the fitting process, clothes are not like uniform specifications of equipment, to let everyone wear a beautiful fit is not easy, so the choice of clothing suppliers is very important.

Store customization has been welcomed by urban white-collar workers in recent years: tailor-made clothes make professional binding more suitable, can also match personal style and taste, in the service of individual customers can also be meticulous. But customized stores for individuals are not necessarily suitable for enterprise-level customization, out of a simple philosophy of "quantitative change causes qualitative change". Professional dress shop staffing is basically 1-2 physists and 2-3 technicians, may be very perfect at the same time to serve 3, 5 guests, can barely bear 7, 8 guests, but certainly can not bear hundreds of people at the same time customization. Not only lies in the limited service endurance, but also in the fabric stock, production strength does not have a large-scale advantage, choice is small, and often expensive. So they are more suitable for personal customization rather than enterprise customization.

It is not difficult to see that the unified customization of enterprise professional clothing is not only the increase in the number of purchases, but also the need for comprehensive and perfect services to provide, no doubt, professional brand is the best choice for enterprise decoration.

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