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Look at work clothes to distinguish blue collar and white collar.

Topic on clothing
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2014/09/23 12:59
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Feng Ming's clothing and work clothes are made to order.

Teach you to look at work clothes to distinguish blue collar and white collar.

Blue collar refers to workers who get paid by manual labor. Because of the physical labor class at that time, such as car repair workers, wearing ordinary cheap wear-resistant work clothes, work clothes color in blue, so called blue collar.

White collar refers to workers who receive remuneration by providing mental work, including managers. Office workers usually wear neat white shirts, so they call them white collar workers.

Later, some people felt that the division was too vague, and created the terms "gray collar", "pink collar", "golden collar" and so on.

The following is an explanation in English: collar blue collar, manual worker

2.gray collar grey collar workers engaged in maintenance and technical work

3.white collar white collar, office staff

4.iron collar iron collar, that is robot. collar open collar, home office worker

6.bright collar bright collar, successful professional

7.SOHOgold collar Jinling, science and technology information worker collar pink collar, often refers to female teachers, salesgirls, female nurses, etc.

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