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Clothing business enterprises will welcome the big reshuffle

2014-09-23 12:59

Clothing business enterprises will welcome the big reshuffle

The 4th China Garment E-Commerce Summit was held in Shenzhen a few days ago. More than 100 clothing e-commerce enterprises, including Taobao Mall, attended. The aftermath of the "Double Eleventh" campaign still exists, which makes the online clothing brands have a clearer understanding of the current problems and future development direction of e-commerce.

With the rapid expansion of e-commerce coverage, as a sales platform, e-commerce also has a distinct media attributes, e-commerce not only helps manufacturing brand sales, but also provides a new platform for brand building. Manufacturing brands that are good at marketing on the Internet and e-commerce platforms are expected to impact on traditional manufacturing brands, thus reorganizing the original stable brand structure.

New model of brand building in the new media age

CNNIC data show that the size of China's network video users has reached 240 million, which means that compared with the traditional elite media such as newspapers, magazines, network media also has a relatively stable user base, and gradually become an important position for brand operation, the new media era of network media communication is eager to emerge.

With the maturity of e-commerce model, the change of online shopping model to traditional retail business model is more subversive.

Taobao mall director Zhang Chuan said, "Taobao mall soft department store is the status quo of low-end brands, low prices are particularly many, forming a pyramid, the vast majority of businesses are in the bottom." He thinks, in the platform e-commerce such as Taobao, the massive flow base also provides an opportunity for the creation of new brands to a certain extent.

Taobao founder Jin Guang said that in the clothing e-commerce, the next three to five years will be Taobao on the network brand collective rise stage.

Compared with the brand formed under the condition of traditional media, in the information age, the formation of enterprise brand has become transparent, consumers are no longer "branded", but play the role of "enterprise censor" in the process of brand formation, consumer experience and contact with any enterprise to provide product details will be. By enlarging, all kinds of "micro-information" produced by the two sides, such as intelligent recommendation, sales ranking, oral product experience and feedback on different enterprise products, will be truthfully retained on the Internet as a reference standard for consumers to choose products. The thickness of "micro-information" accumulation, i.e. brand awareness, is an important measure of whether a brand is well-known to users, and even becomes a key weight for the rise and fall of enterprises.

Zhong Tao, head of Seven Wolves E-commerce, said that the brand is the product of both the enterprise and its relationship chain and consumers. Therefore, consumer word-of-mouth description is crucial to the development of E-commerce and the formation of brand.

In the era of e-commerce, consumers'attention to brands has also changed. Especially in the view of the group dominated by network communication, although traditional brands still have high brand value, the decline of their importance and attractiveness is an indisputable fact.

Xu Jin, head of Li Ning e-commerce, believes that the e-commerce market is gradually maturing, showing a tripartite situation of e-commerce platform, network independent brand and independent brand. Traditional dominant brands began to rely more on e-commerce platform to develop e-commerce. "Brand companies to enter e-commerce needs to have four core competencies: cross-channel integration, 360-degree ability to maintain brand experience; rapid supply chain response; cognitive and understanding of customers, to meet customer personalized needs; IT technology." Xu Jin said.

Liu Weiwen, vice president of Zhenweis Group, also said that the construction platform is not good at traditional brand clothing, Taobao, pat and other mature third-party platform can take advantage of the advantages of traditional brands.

E-commerce online shopping mode plays a dual role

In fact, e-commerce is not only a sales channel, but also a platform for brand building. The media attributes of e-commerce become more distinct with the increase of visits. The thickness of "micro-information" accumulated by the cross-interaction between consumers and enterprises will largely determine the product awareness and popularity. In addition, the accumulation of "micro information" surpasses the limitation of time and faithfully records the history of brand development.

Zhang Chuan pointed out that "it is very important to analyze the data and guide marketing. It has a direct impact on supply chain integration, marketing methods, marketing tools and so on."

The dual role of E-commerce makes the brand sold through commercial channels kill two birds with one stone, which not only spread the brand, but also show a rapid growth in sales performance.

For the existing brands of manufacturing industry, e-commerce era is a double-edged sword of opportunity and threat coexistence, the change of the industry pattern has been inevitable, as early as the e-commerce channel to stand firm, will occupy the first opportunity in the reorganization and reorganization of the industry pattern.

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