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"Biomass fiber" will become the main direction of the development of textile industry in the future.

2014-09-23 12:59

At the meeting, the experts reached the following consensus through excellent reports and heated discussions.

"Bio-fiber" will become the main direction of textile industry development in the future, experts said, as the world's largest producer of chemical fiber, China's chemical fiber production will be more and more constraints, in order to meet market demand, there must be corresponding alternative resources to meet The need for production development and consumption growth. Under this circumstance, the economy of renewable and biodegradable new chemical fiber materials which can replace petroleum is becoming more and more obvious. The rapid development of green fiber and materials with biomass engineering technology as the core will become a new trend leading the development of chemical fiber industry.

Experts also said that the future development of biomass fiber will achieve "effective use of resources", "technology and environment friendly", "flexible and diverse products". "Bio-fiber and bio-chemical raw materials" is closely linked with the national strategic objectives, in line with the country's long-term development needs of a major issue, will become a long period of time in the future textile industry development direction. Experts on the sustainable development of bio-fiber research should pay attention to the combination of production, teaching and research. They said that the domestic research on bio-fiber, especially cellulose fiber, has certain characteristics, some of which are in the leading international level. They suggested that the combination of production, learning and research should be vigorously promoted in future research, from raw materials, development and utilization of products. Carry out comprehensive planning.

Some experts suggest that, based on the reality of China's national conditions, we should study and industrialize while taking the road of diversified biomass energy development. It is not only necessary to use viscose fiber and other mature biomass energy technology for industrial production, but also need to try to develop new methods and technologies, develop biomass energy technology through multiple channels, improve competitiveness, and solve the problem of scientific and engineering transformation.

Some experts also indicated that in the process of developing biomass fibers, it is necessary to introduce life cycle studies to carry out comprehensive assessment of energy, economic and ecological effects, so as to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of biomass energy. At the same time, it is suggested that the definition and testing method of "biomass fiber and biochemical raw materials" should be clearly defined in the strategic layout of new energy development. In the industrial layout, policy support and priority development strategy should be implemented to realize industrialization as soon as possible and get international certification.

Experts stressed that the key to the development of biomass fibers is to achieve the link between raw material selection and sustainable production, the link between related technologies and existing devices, and the link between products and application markets. On the basis of comprehensive utilization of biochemical raw materials, the pretreatment of biomass resources and the process of making chemical fibers are studied; the chemical product system of biomass conversion based on natural cellulose raw materials is established; and the development of high-performance biomass fibers is realized to provide support for industrialization.

Experts also said that the development of basic research on biomass fibers and biochemical raw materials requires multi-disciplinary cooperation. This technology is bound to take the road of integration. It is an innovation opportunity for China's fiber industry and an inevitable strategic choice for the development of science and industry. We must vigorously carry out the research on biomass fiber resources and pretreatment technology, new biomass fiber technology and new biochemical synthetic fiber technology.

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