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Giorgio Armani (Armani) 2017 autumn winter Milan fashion show

Topic on clothing
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2017/03/04 12:59
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  Giorgio Armani knows what pop romance is and understands what big women want, so at the just-released Giorgio Armani 2007 fall and winter fashion show, there was a thorough battle for all kinds of real, exquisite and noble clothes.

The suit, trench coat, and neat-cut black trousers were presented in a conservative style, followed by delicate embroidery patterns that were steadily added to Giorgio Armani's aesthetic vocabulary --- a cool midsummer night dream, occasionally satin, set off by lines that were originally similar to water waves. The bow tied by tie brings the romantic feelings of women to the bottom of the water.
The final series of crystal sequins, intended to capture the metropolitan neon-like energy of fanaticism, permeated with a rich flavor of style, embody the essence of Giorgio Armani, unique geometric patterns and iconic golden Satin Lace design, making it look even more radiant. The brilliant highlights of the shooting.