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What are the main problems of tailored work clothes?

Topic on clothing
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2017/07/22 12:59
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Every industry has its own work clothes, so work clothes have become a very popular product. But the tailor made work clothes are becoming more and more important. Custom-made work clothes enterprises are constantly innovating and reforming, hoping to win the final victory in this invisible battlefield. Custom-made work clothes enterprises will also hire designers with high salaries, hoping that the design of work clothes can be recognized by enterprises, in line with the requirements and needs of enterprises for work clothes. So what are the more important aspects of the designer's work clothes in Beijing?

The first is the selection of fabric.

Selection of fabrics depends first on the design of the industry where the enterprise is located? Some industries on the fabric requirements are very high, and some enterprises on the fabric requirements are very low. Some industries have to choose some special fabrics. Some big-name enterprises, in order to better publicize the corporate culture and reflect the value of the enterprise, at the expense of heavy investment in work clothes. Therefore, such enterprises will generally have high requirements for work clothes, and the selection of fabrics is also very strict. Therefore, designers must follow the requirements of the enterprise, in the design of work clothes, through the understanding of corporate culture to choose a more suitable fabric for the enterprise. Some enterprises can not be so strict with the requirements of working clothes, so designers also need to understand what specifications of such enterprises need to work clothes. Some special industries, because of the working environment and the nature of the work decided to have to use a certain kind of fabric, because only this fabric can be targeted to cope with these special environment, in order to avoid the health of employees threatened.

On the choice of color.

Choosing the color of your work clothes is also a very important aspect. Color is the appearance of a garment, and it can also reflect many situations. Generally speaking, a deep color represents a steady and bright color. The color of work clothes in some industries is determined. Therefore, in this case, we need to understand the background and industry demand of the enterprise. Some industries, such as banks, may be determined by the nature of the work of the industry's temperament is more stable, so the color of work clothes is generally deep, and some sales industries, such an industry is more outgoing nature of work, may need to work clothes color is more bright.

Customize the style of work clothes.

This is one aspect of testing the true level of a designer in Beijing. Style is the soul of a dress. This is when people buy clothes, first consider the style, then look at the color. It's the same on work clothes. Although many enterprises have the same style of work clothes, a small accessory can make this rigid style a whole new look. Using some collocation can also make the work clothes fashionable. Many styles of work clothes are extremely demanding because they can better protect the lives of workers for the sake of the needs of the industry. There are also some young employees of enterprises, work clothes are required to have a fashionable atmosphere, but still can not let work clothes too fancy, but also can fully display the culture and connotation of the enterprise. This is the time to test a designer's work.