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Details of the tailor's work need to be considered.

2017-07-22 12:59

Workwear customization has many details to consider. With the change of working environment, the function of work clothes has been constantly expanded, forming a new type of work clothes - special work clothes.

In fact, whether it is traditional work clothes or special work clothes, we should take these factors into account when we customize. Workwear customization, we need to consider the key issues include fabric, color, style, classification, workmanship and so on. Simply speaking, the fabric is better, the color should be less, the style should be elegant, the classification should be accurate, and the work should be refined.

Fabrics that are used for making work clothes with business people should choose as good and superior as possible. In general, in line with the principle of economy, economy and beauty, we should give priority to pure wool, cotton, cotton, linen, wool and polyester fabrics. Pure wool, cotton, linen and other fabrics, not only natural texture, but also moisture absorption, breathability, close to the body, comfortable, beautiful appearance, wearing on the body appears to be more upscale. Economic conditions, if allowed, should be given priority. Cotton, linen, linen, wool and polyester are all high grade blended fabrics. Compared with the former, they can be said to be a second choice. Most of them are hanging, straight, strong, fold-resistant, wear-resistant, cheaper in price, and therefore economical.

Workwear customization should be based on some special work or to meet the needs of certain special environment to choose fabrics, such as fire, waterproof, radiation, anti-static, anti-oxidation, high temperature and so on. When choosing the fabric of this kind of special-purpose work clothes, we must be meticulous, excellence, strict control, absolutely not allow to relax the standard, in order to better. In general, we choose synthetic chemical fiber fabrics such as polyester, polyester, nylon, medium-length fiber, etc. to make work clothes for business people. In a short period of time, most of the work clothes made of chemical fibers are bright colored, wrinkle-free, durable, and can greatly reduce the production cost. But they often can not stand the test of time, wear a long time, usually will be polished to shine, the surface is often hidden dirt, pilling, and also very easy to jump silk or generate static electricity.

Through these, we can generally understand that the customization of work clothes is not simply to make a clothes, but to consider from many aspects, a comprehensive determination of the use of the environment and function of work clothes and so on.

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