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Cleaning tips for tailored work clothes

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2018/08/25 10:32
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Washing work uniforms is a daily routine for workers, and some friends wash them very quickly and take them out. Actually, this approach is not very good. Generally, when our work clothes are being cleaned, it is best to soak them in water for a while. There are still many advantages to do so. Here are the main reasons for you. Firstly, the dust and sweat attached to the surface of the clothing can be separated from the work clothes and enter the water, which can not only improve the quality of the work clothes washing, but also save the detergent. Water can be used to penetrate, so that the fabric into the washing solution before full expansion, so that dirt in the cloth eye is squeezed and floating on the surface, easy to remove. Secondly, some colored fabrics with poor wash fastness are easy to decolorize. Pre-immersion of work uniforms can promptly detect these problems and facilitate the adoption of preventive measures in the washing process. The amount of water to soak the clothes should be sufficient. The soaking time should be decided according to the clothes type, material, new and old, dirty and dyeing fastness. Generally speaking, down jacket 510 minutes, synthetic fiber clothing 15 minutes, worsted clothing 1520 minutes, woolen clothing 20130 minutes, blankets, sweaters 20 minutes.