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You can’t freely prune customized working uniforms

2016-12-24 16:24

You can’t freely prune customized working uniforms

The importance of working uniforms is widely shared, so companies would prune working uniforms when carrying out customization of suit for their employees. Sure enough, their pruning is on the reasonable condition. But it is known that some employees would freely prune working uniforms when they wear them. It is better that they do not do it.

Working uniforms for different posts, jobs and environments are exquisite. They are designed and produced based on actual demands of their posts when it comes to style, size, color and texture. Change of style, color or size would weaken its protective function and might incur potentials.

Pruning of working uniforms should be banned. First, companies should intensify publicity and education on the importance of working uniforms so that people’s awareness on it can be improved; second, they should amplify test and supervision on wearing of laborers so that people can wear working uniforms through severe management and constraint.

Though pruning of protective working uniforms only happens randomly, company managers should guard against it. Other than intensifying education and cultivating people’s awareness on regulations and rules done by the company, relevant people should pay attention to research, development and improvement of labor protection articles. On ground that its protective functions are ensured, we should try to satisfy people’s pursuit for its beauty and comfort, and constantly enhance users’ cognition, preference and acceptance of labor protective articles.

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