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The integration of traditional garment industry and Internet will usher in the peak of innovation.

2016-10-15 16:21

Nowadays, the clothing industry has developed into an Internet industry which integrates all kinds of cutting-edge technologies, including a comprehensive system of craftsmanship, innovation and art. From the current situation of China's clothing development, a large number of good and bad, rough products rampant in the market, most of them are still in the OEM, OEM, export coarse products stage.

After the wave of 2015, in 2016, China's apparel industry, the larger enterprises will pay more attention to brand quality assurance, especially some after years of market struggle and therefore have a certain industry influence; and small enterprises due to their own situation and many other factors, the "survival" problem is even more serious. Urgent, therefore, the desire for immediate interests will become stronger and stronger.

For the clothing industry, while ensuring the brand effect and product quality, mobile Internet and intelligent technology can not be ignored, because clothing intelligent manufacturing technology also needs to integrate Internet related technologies, is nested together as a whole. For example, the integration of large data, Internet remote monitoring, Internet real-time data transmission and other technologies, and the integration of these technologies resulting in intelligent, information-based garment production overall program, has been gradually adopted by many frontline garment enterprises, is also recognized as the industry's only way forward.

In addition to making high-quality and cost-effective products, clothing brand enterprises and mobile Internet operation mode, but also an indispensable stage. Constantly improving the stickiness of consumers to products can help us to win in the future competition. Make the audience become brand fans will still let the clothing brand fans fight, because the mobile Internet has broken the time, space fragmentation of communication, giving fans more opportunities to get closer to the brand. The convergence effect of the Internet on a single and special demand, the innovation of the Internet merchants driven by space and time debris, and the change of the new pattern of clothing brand are becoming mature.

As far as the domestic brand management mode is concerned, taking Casuarina as an example, from the product point of view, with high-quality flax as the main fabric, its technology, texture and details of the treatment have strict requirements, design to fashion, elegant and endowed with Chinese style, perfect flax quality. From the corner of the business model, under the premise of making full use of the Internet as a tool, the product is propitious to disseminate to meet the needs of brand groups. Business innovation has innovative pursuit of the ultimate, create a multi-dimensional customer experience, the success of the brand and the Internet.

If the garment industry wants to get rid of the embarrassing situation that can produce benefits but can not produce value, it must focus on creating individual brands, original brands, world brands, and Internet technology to improve the entire industrial chain resources, information, talent integration and optimization. We have reason to believe that the full application of the Internet mode in garment industry is an inevitable trend.

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