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Development and future trend of enterprise informatization in textile and garment industry

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2016/10/15 16:20
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Because of the low labor cost in China, the textile and garment industry was once one of the most competitive industries in the world. But in recent years, with the increase of material cost, labor cost and rent, the informatization construction of textile enterprises has become the focus of enterprise transformation. For textile enterprises with higher development level, the informatization construction of textile enterprises has become the focus of enterprise transformation. The enterprise information construction has been realized, and has played a strong supporting role in the development of business and the promotion of competitiveness.
The realization of informationization construction in textile enterprises has well integrated the five aspects of finished products, production, environment, safety and electric energy, real-time monitoring of production status, product quality and energy consumption, integration of enterprise local area network, Internet, mobile network, real-time data sharing, and integration of management and control. In recent years, with the development of information technology and the popularity of the network, e-commerce has made great progress in China because of its unique spanning convenience, low cost and wide dissemination.
In the informationization construction of textile enterprises, it is important to prevent the disjunction between the design of business process and informationization. Business process is very important for enterprises. From order processing, to the time and quantity of material procurement, quality, type, sample, clothing, finished products, warehousing and sales, business process should be completed in one breath. Informatization construction should implement a clear data and perfect process planning, as well as real-time monitoring system, from the root to reduce the other fly, time-consuming situation.
Enterprise informatization construction in textile industry includes the establishment of ERP information management system, a series of on-line monitoring projects, on-line detection means of various production links and so on. In the foreseeable future, intelligent factories, intelligent production, intelligent logistics will become the three major themes of the industrial 4.0 era, and from this derived automation, 3D printing, wireless radio frequency technology, industrial Ethernet and other value to create hundreds of billions of manufacturing industry chain.