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Smart clothing: new "draught" of wearable industry

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2016/10/15 16:19
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When you run, you can play music without holding your cell phone and touching the buttons on your clothes; when you drive, you can make a phone call and get navigation information by touching the cuffs; when you get home, you can turn on the TV by tidying your collar... Do you look forward to such cool smart clothes?

The introduction of Internet, Internet of things, big data and other functional clothing is gradually stepping into people's lives. At present, some smart clothing companies have embedded LED screens and other electronic components into clothing, users can control the brightness and content of the screen display through mobile phone APP, to meet the personalized needs of young people.

The emergence of many smart clothing stems from user movement and health needs. Internet companies and traditional sports brand companies are launching smart sportswear with sensors built-in to monitor health data such as heart rate, blood pressure, locus of movement and muscle activation, and to send personal health reports through mobile APPs recommending appropriate fitness programs that are equivalent to the user's personal Fitness coach.

With the application of new materials such as low-dimensional materials, nano-materials, light-emitting fibers and so on, intelligent clothing functions become more diversified and new styles appear frequently. It is precisely based on the good market development prospects, some industry insiders believe that smart clothing will cover the wind of smart watches, smart glasses, and become the wearing field of the next tuyere.

Although favored by the industry, but the development of smart clothing is not as good as expected, many of its functions are not perfect, poor user experience, it is difficult to get the recognition of most customers. In addition, smart clothing needs to be cleaned, but the waterproof electronic components are often not good enough, easy to damage when washing, high prices also make ordinary consumers shy. Of course, with the maturity of technology, these "pain points" will not fundamentally block the development of the clothing industry intelligent trend, intelligent clothing is expected to eventually detonate the consumer market.