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Introduction to functional clothing knowledge

2013-01-10 12:59

1. The permanent flame-retardant work clothes (Nomex? Work clothes) are made of Nomex? Cloth produced by DuPont Company, USA. They have the advantages of permanent flame retardancy, permanent anti-static, permanent acid and alkali resistance, high strength and wear resistance. The main technical indicators are as follows: flame retardant performance: Loi > 28, damage length < 100, duration < 2S strength performance: breaking strength: warp > 600N, weft > 600N tearing strength: warp > 100N, weft > 100N, electromagnetic radiation protection clothing using stainless steel fiber Polyester / cotton blended fabric or nylon plated silver / nickel plated / copper plated / tin plated metallized fabric. The main technical specifications are as follows: shielding efficiency: 30dB ~ 85dB shielding range: 30MHz ~ 10GHz 3, anti-static clothing using stainless steel fiber, sub-conductive fiber, anti-static synthetic fiber and polyester cotton blended or blended fabric, can automatically corona discharge or leakage discharge, can eliminate clothing and human charges, while for anti-static clothing Hat, socks and shoes. Its performance index conforms to GB12014-89 standard: cloth charge density < 5_ C/m2 coat charge < 0.5_ C/m2 4, antibacterial, mildew-proof and static-proof clothing will be nano silver ions into the fiber and anti-static fiber, combed cotton fiber blended into woven fabric or knitted fabric, can achieve high-efficiency and broad-spectrum antibacterial and mildew-proof effect, forever. Long static electricity, washing resistance and good stability. The main technical indicators are as follows: antibacterial rate of grape vine: 99.6%, washing 50 times: 99.2% cloth charge density < 5_ C / m2 5, anti-ultraviolet anti-bacterial and anti-mildew clothing using nano-technology will be ultraviolet isolation factor and anti-bacterial and anti-mildew matrix into ultra-fine denier fiber, blended with combed cotton fiber woven fabric or knitted fabric The fabric can block and absorb ultraviolet rays, and has a broad spectrum of bacteriostatic and mildew proof effects. Super fine fiber is hydrophilic, and sweat is discharged in time to keep the skin dry. The main technical indicators are as follows: the inhibition rate to Staphylococcus aureus > 92% ~ 99% of ultraviolet radiation > 99.5% of moisture discharge: > 8000g/m2.D6. The dust-proof clean clothing is made of fine yarn and ribbed fabric with anti-static fiber. It has the advantages of permanent anti-static and comfortable air permeability. Children, shoes. The main technical indicators are as follows: dust removal efficiency: > 95% dust contamination: < 13.5g/m2 jacket charged: < 0.5ugC/piece 7, high-voltage live work clothing made of stainless steel fiber and permanent flame retardant fiber (Nomex?) and other fibers, which can be used for 10KV-500KV power transmission and transformation workers to wear live work, equipped with gloves and hats. The main technical specifications are as follows: shielding efficiency: > 30dB ~ 60dB fabric resistance: > 0.8 limiting oxygen index: Loi > 28 moisture permeability: > 8000g / m2.D 8, far infrared fiber garment natural ceramic particles mixed with polypropylene fiber spinning fluid drawing out Come on. Silk contains ceramic particles, which are blended with combed cotton fibers to make knitted or woven fabrics. Clothing to the body, it can reflect the far infrared radiation from the human body back to the human body surface. It can penetrate the skin about 2 mm, promote the blood flow of micro-vessels, and make people feel the temperature is 3 to 5 degrees higher than other clothing. It also has a good effect on joint pain and skin diseases. The main technical indicators are as follows: the reflectivity of far infrared ray: > 82% 9. Nomex? Work clothes have permanent anti-acid and alkali function, but the price is high. The cloth woven with tussah silk expands when it encounters acid or alkali, closing the gap between tussah silk, which can completely block acid or alkali, and can not reach the inside of clothing to prevent acid and alkali. The clothes are comfortable, beautiful, breathable, wrinkle resistant, easy to wash, fast drying, and cheap. 10. Wind-proof, waterproof and sweat-permeable clothing is made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene microporous membrane) pasted with cloth. The fabric can not pass through a trace of wind and the smallest drop of water. It can discharge sweat from human body out of clothing. The raincoat made of this material can be used as a woollen coat to protect the cold when it is cold, and can be used as a raincoat when it rains. It can be used to make: motorcycle clothes, jackets, windbreakers, down jackets and other clothing, the main technical indicators are as follows: resistance to hydrostatic pressure (> 8000pa) moisture permeability (> 6000g / m2. D11), transpiration and chemical prevention clothing using PTFE film adhesive cloth as the surface, using activated carbon particles cloth as the lining made of anti-chemical clothing, can work for a long time, with anti-toxic Waterproof, wind proof and perspiring functions. The main technical indicators are as follows (see our company's web page "Firefighter's Fire Prevention and Extinguishing Protective Clothing"): Fabric resistance to hydrostatic pressure (> 8000pa) fabric moisture permeability (> 6000g / m2. d) anti-virus function: to mustard gas "liquid-gas" anti-virus time 6 hours to mustard gas "liquid-liquid" pressure permeability > 147000pa cloth activated carbon specific surface area > 600M2 / m2. Activated carbon content on G cloth: 40g/m2 ~ 100g/m

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