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The future trend of textile and clothing industry is high and new technology industry.

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2013/01/10 12:59
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It has become a new industrial symbol of textile and clothing. The textile and garment industry is facing a new confrontation with the new business mode and new consumption mode. Specifically speaking, first of all, we should get rid of the traditional cost advantage dependence, and turn to the "modern textile industry systematic advantage" progressive and jump; secondly, we should make realistic and targeted strategic breakthroughs around "science and technology, talent, brand and sustainable development". Facing a new wave of science and technology, the production mode of textile and garment industry has begun to show a trend from large-scale standardization to personalization. By optimizing the brand innovation ability of our textile and garment industry, we can rebuild the new competitive advantage of textile and garment industry. The author believes that after the 18th National Congress, "ecological civilization" has become the core content of the new wave of scientific and technological revolution, which includes "circular economy" and "green economy", the breakthrough is advanced energy conservation and emission reduction technology and energy technology. In the future, the textile and garment industry will focus on technological innovation, vigorously promote the development of fiber raw materials, ecological textile machine dyeing and finishing technology, key technologies of industrial textiles, new textile machinery technology and other fields. The textile and garment industry, which has experienced a downturn in the market, must seek breakthroughs from the difficult and frequently-occurring situation. It will not wait for industrial transformation and upgrading to speed up. I have reason to believe: a low value-added traditional textile and clothing industry will soon become the past, a high-tech connotation, fashion elements of the emerging textile and clothing industry is rising.