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Textile and garment industry weekly: smooth operation, cotton prices continued to rise slightly

2013-01-10 12:59

Last week, the textile and apparel sector, the top two sectors were men's wear industry and export textile industry, the average rise and fall were 1.76% and 0.45%. After the rise and fall, the two sub-sectors were outdoor goods and shoes and products, with an average of - 4.37% and - 1.37%. Outdoor products industry ranked two in the first consecutive week. We believe that the outdoor products industry is in the mature stage in the first-tier cities and the second-tier and third-tier cities are still in the stage of rapid growth. The second and third-tier cities have huge space, and the outdoor products industry can still maintain a relatively rapid development rate and enjoy high growth in recent years. We are optimistic about the outdoor products industry in the medium and long term. It is a foregone conclusion that the sale of national cotton and the import quota 3:1 of cotton tariff are sliding. At present, the domestic and foreign cotton price gap is large, according to this proportion of domestic cotton price has a certain protective effect in the fourth quarter of 2012 terminal consumption showed signs of recovery, but whether this situation can be continued, is still uncertain. We believe that in January, there was less industry catalyst and more attention to companies with medium and long-term investment value. We recommend positive attention to the home textile industry. First, through the analysis of the four major needs of the home textile industry, the demand fundamentals of the home visit industry are expected to improve. Real estate must be driven by consumption. Second: Market expectations have been downgraded to the industry average, coupled with a low base for 2012. We believe that there is little pressure for performance to meet expectations, and there is still the possibility of exceeding expectations.

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