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Liu Wanfeng, Chairman of Fengling Clothing Manufacturing Board, attended the Lecture Hall of Women and Family Education in Yunna

2018-08-25 10:33

On the afternoon of March 12, the first lecture of "Model Propaganda" was held in the lecture hall on the first floor of the Yunnan Library. Unlike previous public lectures, the guest speaker of this lecture was six advanced female models who had won the honor of being a model worker and an advanced person in the whole country or province or city. Liu Wanfeng, chairman of Kunming Feng Ling Garment Co. Ltd., was invited to attend the lecture.







Yang Luyu let "the sounds of nature" pass and beauty.

In the beautiful Miao village, a touching song of dedication floated far away, this moving note, as if it was composed with the "sounds of heaven," carrying the selfless love and silent dedication of Longguangyuan, the small well Choir and the people of Miao village praise for a harmonious and happy life!


Liao Jing's iron lady in the rocket Army

They are little known, but the backbone of military operations; as women, they are not allowed to brow the "heroes". On the road to strengthening the army, we should practise "magic power" and set up benchmarks; in military operations, military orders should be handed over to ensure smooth traffic. They are the missile communications unit, the iron lady in the rocket army.


Liang Ping's "daughter's entrust"

Wang Lanlan, a "lost" mother, in order to fulfill her daughter's wishes, she devoted all, for more lonely and widowed elderly, poor children to establish a warm love "big family". Her great love made her have numerous "relatives", and her good deeds extended the width of her life.



Li Yaxi's white detachment of women at the long water airport.

In Changshui Airport, there is a medical first aid team, they use youth and dedication to stick to their posts, the professionalism of doctors, for the flight to escort the landing; with the selfless love of relatives, for the safety of tourists. They are angels in white and the white detachment of women in the long water airport.

Liu Wanfeng, "business and marriage must be managed with love".
Everything in the world needs to be run by "love", including marriage and career. Like Liu Wanfeng, only by pouring into their own "love", and this "love" continues to extend and expand, with love to infect everything around, can we get the return and harvest from this "love"!
He Yuxin let the flower of life bloom again.
If drugs are the devil who deprives the human soul, then they are the angels who call life with love; if drugs are the claws that destroy the flower of life, then they have the jade finger that reshapes the flower of life. Look! In the icy high wall, a group of beautiful policewomen are letting a flower bloom again.
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