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How to customize the right workshop work clothes?

2023-08-05 15:37

Enterprise work clothes are not only the representative element of a person's professional attributes, but also the external expression of an enterprise's spiritual culture and the overall image of the enterprise. The selection of a suitable enterprise work clothes, not only conducive to the standardization, unification, institutionalized management of enterprises, but also for some personnel in the special environment of special work to provide convenience. Next, I will explain to you how to customize the appropriate workshop work clothes from the following aspects:

First, choose the right work clothes fabric

Whether the fabric is suitable is the key to the work clothes. Different types of work choose different clothing fabrics. For example, fire prevention, waterproof, wind, dust, radiation, anti-static, oxidation, high temperature, low temperature and so on. For employees who often do field work, the fabrics should be wear-resistant; those who often sweat in high temperature environment should wear heat-resistant, sweat-absorbing fabrics. Different industries have different customized standards and specific requirements.

Second, choose the right style and color

In the current work clothes custom market, loose and fat work clothes style is gradually eliminated. Now the work clothes mostly tend to be fashionable and slim the body. But it should also be noted that the choice of workshop work clothes is not suitable for the pursuit of new and strange characteristics, workshop work clothes need to be simple, decent, easy to operate, but also have the requirements of wear and dirty resistance and corrosion resistance. As for the color aspect, we will choose to use different colors of work clothes to distinguish between different jobs. Different employees do different work areas. If they use colors to distinguish them, it will also greatly facilitate the management of employees.

Third, choose the right manufacturer

A good manufacturer, such as Fengling Garment Manufacturing, not only guarantees the quality of the products, but also achieves excellence in the after-sales service. Find such a corporate culture, can each production process layer upon layer, the integrity of the manufacturer is also very necessary.

Fourth, the difference of work clothes

Now the customized work clothes are not like the previous labor insurance service wholesale, the same color, the same style, if the enterprise need, at most on the clothes plus logo logo even if completed the design selection and design tasks. Now enterprise overalls custom pay more attention to the personalized needs of the enterprise, and the corresponding is exclusive design custom, that is to say, if you need to purchase overalls, the entire design team to separate project for enterprises, separate design, such design overalls is exclusive to the enterprise, unique. The design of the work clothes products are not only more beautiful but also more identification.

This is a detailed answer to how to customize the work clothes. Hope it can help you all!

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