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What aspects should we pay attention to in school uniform customization?

2023-08-04 15:37

In the opening season, students must wear the children in uniform and teachers in uniform to welcome the new semester.

As one of the important carriers of the campus culture, the school uniform can play a role in interpreting the campus culture through its intuitive image. Excellent school uniforms will also create a good campus atmosphere and enhance the school's visibility and social image.

So, how to customize an excellent school uniform? From a professional point of view, school uniform customization needs to consider the following aspects:

First, about the style, to choose the appropriate color, style can highlight the campus image of the school uniforms. Now the school uniform style is not only limited to the sports style, there are many styles, British style, Japanese style, Korean style. But no matter which style, the design of school uniforms should not only conform to the characteristics of the school, but also take into account the actual needs of students. For example, some schools choose the relatively formal style of suit, shirt and tie, and some schools choose the sports style of loose sports shirt, sportswear and sweatpants. In addition, attention should be paid to the size selection of school uniforms to ensure the fit and comfort of school uniforms.

Second, about the fabric, the quality of fabrics is not only related to the comfort of school uniforms, but also related to the service life of school uniforms. When choosing fabrics, consider the actual environment of school uniform, "specific problem specific analysis" for example: if the school uniform will be used in wet environment, we should choose waterproof fabric; if in a long-term hot environment (like some Southeast Asian countries), we should choose breathable fabric.

Third, about the quality, the school uniform custom purchase manufacturers, we must choose a regular and experienced professional school uniform manufacturers. See whether the manufacturer can provide the product test report, whether it meets the national school uniform customized standards. With the formal, strong school uniform manufacturers cooperation, in addition to the quality of assurance, school uniform finished products to get the time is also sure.

Customizing a suitable school uniform is related to the intuitive image of the school and the mental outlook of students. So be sure to choose it carefully!

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