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How should a suit be maintained on a regular basis?

2023-05-23 13:51

Generally speaking, the service life of a formal suit is about 4-6 years, and if properly maintained, it can be extended to ten years or even longer.
1. It is not recommended to wear it continuously for more than two days
High grade suits are mostly made of natural fiber. These suits will be deformed due to force after being worn, but they can recover as long as they get proper rest.
2. Using a professional suit brush
Customized suits all contain wool, divided into half wool and pure wool. If dust or stains appear, the fabric will lose its luster. It is recommended to use a professional suit brush to gently remove the dust and then put it back in the wardrobe.
3. Hanging and storing with wooden hangers
The suit top needs to be hung and stored using a wooden wide handle arc shaped suit hanger that is the same width as the shoulder. After hanging, place the suit in a dust cover to prevent friction and dust.
4. Hanging Western pants with a dedicated pants rack
Suit pants can be hung crosswise using a dedicated pants rack, utilizing the weight of the pants to easily remove protruding knee folds. This not only saves space but also maintains flatness. It is better to use a hanging ironing machine to simply iron the bends before wearing.
5. Stacking of suits during travel
If you need to go on a trip, business trip, etc., you can stack your suit according to the following three methods, which can minimize the compression of the suit and also save space.
Method 1: First, turn the suit upside down, but be careful not to pull out the sleeves in the opposite direction. After folding the shoulder of the suit in half, fold it horizontally to ensure that there are no creases on the collar of the suit.
Method 2: First fold one of the two shoulders inward, and then insert the other shoulder into the one you just folded inward. After finishing the top, the edges should be symmetrical and then folded in half. To protect your shoulders, you need to first fold the lower part and then fold the shoulders again. This is because it is necessary to protect the shoulders from being pressed, so that the suit will not deform due to pressure.
Method 3: Fold the suit in half and place it under other clothes, then roll it as a whole to save space and ensure that there are no creases inside the suit.

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