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School uniform customization: Instructions for washing school uniforms with different fabrics

2023-05-23 13:50

School uniform customization manufacturers sometimes encounter customers asking about school uniform washing. How should school uniforms be washed? How is it better to wash it? Generally speaking, school uniforms are made of conventional fabrics, so washing and maintenance are much simpler than those of fashionable clothing. This is also one of the original intentions for students to wear school uniforms. If you want to wear the same clothes more brilliantly or for a longer time than others, then you need to have knowledge of washing and maintenance!
1. Clothes of different shades need to be washed separately
Dark and light colored clothes should be washed separately to avoid staining each other. Pay attention to cotton containing clothing, especially pure cotton, as it is prone to fading, wrinkling, deformation, and shrinkage. Therefore, when washing, white or clothing with white stitching should not be soaked with other colors, otherwise you will find that white eventually turns into yellow, green, blue... colors.
2. Colored clothing cannot be washed with bleach detergent
Colored clothing should not be washed with laundry detergent with bleach, or soaked in bleach, nor should it be washed with hot water above 30 ℃.
3. Clothes should not be exposed to sunlight
No matter what composition of the fabric, it should not be exposed to sunlight, as it is prone to discoloration and discoloration.
4. Cotton clothes tend to shrink after washing
Clothes containing cotton or all cotton generally experience shrinkage after washing, and should be purchased slightly larger.
5. Water quality can affect the washing effect and quality of clothes
In some places, due to environmental pollution and poor water quality, clothes may turn yellow and hard after washing, so special attention should be paid.
6. Chemical fiber or blended clothing does not fade, while cotton fabrics are different
Chemical fiber or blended fabrics are dyed and fixed under high temperature and pressure. The dye completely penetrates into the fiber tissue under high temperature and pressure, resulting in good color fastness. And all cotton fabrics are not dyed with high temperature and pressure, and their color fastness is lower than that of chemical fiber fabrics, so sometimes the school uniforms we purchase will fade.

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