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What are the types of customized suits?

2023-05-23 13:50

What types of suits are there? Men in the entertainment industry will wear more handsome suits, while white-collar suits will be more formal. Wearing more handsome suits to work will make it appear frivolous?
Classified by dressing occasion
Dressing occasions can be divided into formal attire and casual attire. Among them, formal dresses can be divided into regular dresses (also known as morning dresses, worn during the day or daily), small dresses (also known as evening dresses, worn at night), and tuxedos. The dress requires fabric to be made of wool and pure black, and the lower body should be paired with black leather shoes, black socks, white shirt, and black tie. Casual clothing is further divided into casual and formal clothing. People usually wear formal attire. Formal attire is generally dark colored and made of wool (containing over 70% wool). The upper and lower body must be of the same color, material, and workmanship.
Classified by the number of suits, divided into single piece suits, two piece suits, and three piece suits. Business men in formal business relationships
The suit worn in the middle must be a suit set. When participating in high-level business activities, it is better to wear a three piece suit set. Casual wear, a single piece suit, that is, a suit top that does not match pants and is only suitable for informal occasions. A casual matching suit refers to a complete set of tops and pants, with consistent fabrics, colors, and styles that complement each other. Usually, there are two piece suits and three piece suits. The two-piece set includes one garment and one pants, while the three-piece set includes one garment, one pants, and one vest. According to people's traditional belief, a three piece suit is more formal than a two piece suit. When participating in high-level external activities, you can usually dress like this. When wearing a single breasted suit, a narrower belt should be tied; When wearing a double breasted suit, a slightly wider belt is more suitable. In the 21st century, women's three piece sets have developed into suits, vests, and skirts, and with less obvious seasonal changes, shorts have often replaced long pants.
Sort by button arrangement of suit top
Divide according to the button arrangement of the suit top into single breasted suit top and double breasted suit top. The most common types of single breasted suit tops are one button, two buttons, and three buttons. A one button, three button single breasted suit top is more fashionable to wear, while a two button single breasted suit top appears more formal. The single breasted suit styles commonly worn by men are mainly two button, flat lapel, high lapel, and rounded hem. There are three common types of double breasted suit tops: two buttons, four buttons, and six buttons. A two button, six button double breasted suit top is a popular style, while a four button double breasted suit top clearly has a traditional style. The double breasted suit commonly worn by men is a six button, gun lapel, and square hem style. As for the rear slit of a suit, it can be divided into single slit, double slit, and non slit. Single breasted suits can choose one of the three options, while double breasted suits can only choose double slit or non slit.
Classification by type
The so-called version refers to the exterior outline of a suit. Strictly speaking, there are four basic versions of suits:
The first version of the European version suit, the European version suit. The European style suit is actually on the European continent

The fourth version is the Japanese version of the suit. The basic contour of the Japanese version of the suit is H-shaped. It is suitable for the figure of Asian men, without wide shoulders or thin waists. Generally speaking, it is mostly single breasted and does not have a slit at the back.
In addition, suits are also divided into flat collar, gun collar, and lapel collar.
The British version makes the chest more upright
The UK is the birthplace of traditional suits, with three-dimensional shoulder lines and exaggerated narrow waist lines that greatly enhance the figure, making the chest feel straight and upright. In addition, many close fitting suits nowadays use this as a basis to outline body lines and a sense of strength through simple and sharp lines, so British suits will make people more primitive and rigorous.
The Italian version is more slim fitting and gentlemanly
The free and romantic Italian version of the suit has a narrower shoulder line compared to the British version. The three-dimensional upper sleeves using pleating technology make the arms appear more curvy, while the elongated and slender hem highlights the waist line, presenting a more elegant and stylish posture. The traditional Italian craftsmanship makes the wearer's chest lines more three-dimensional, while the pockets use the same edging technique as evening dresses and tuxedos to enhance the elegance of the formal attire. The most common overlapping button on the cuffs, also known as the kiss button, appears elegant. So, the customization of a seven foot blue suit reminds everyone: Italian suits strengthen the waist line, and the slightly longer hem is very suitable for tall and burly men. Even some people with a belly will be well decorated. If you want to customize Italian fashionable and romantic suits, you can try it out here.
The American version is suitable for elderly overweight individuals
The American version of the suit is more casual and loose, with a roughly O-shaped overall contour and natural shoulder lines. It does not use or only uses very thin shoulder pads, resulting in curved shoulders that make the suit look more natural and easygoing. However, the American version of the suit has a higher buckle position and is more suitable for elderly men or elderly overweight men in Asia. Young white-collar workers and workplace elites in China generally do not customize the American version of the suit.
The short top of the Japanese version leads to a slight decrease in aura. Many people believe that the Japanese version of the suit is the most suitable for the figure of domestic men, but the suit brand Seven Foot Blue indicates that this is not necessarily because the characteristic of Japanese suits is that the top is short, basically in an H-shaped shape, and the shoulders are not particularly wide. Generally, they are single breasted, and the back of the clothes is not split. In addition, many Chinese people's body shape and dressing habits are not the same as those of Japanese people. As long as they are not particularly short, too short suits and tops are not suitable for Chinese people, and they are not straight to wear.

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