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What are the fabrics of school uniforms?

2023-05-23 13:49

There are generally three types of school uniforms: synthetic fabric, warp knitted fabric, and cotton fabric.
Synthetic fabric has been a popular fabric for several years. Due to its unique style, diverse colors, easy washing and drying, and easy care, it is widely used in the school uniform customization industry. Its products include Huayao, Taslon, Cardin velvet, washed velvet, etc.
Warp knitted fabrics are also widely used fabrics. Due to their elastic, comfortable, smooth, flexible, and fitting properties, they are highly favored by students. The products include golden velvet, striped velvet, polyester covered cotton, etc.
Cotton fabric has the advantages of soft feel, strong sweat absorption, and a variety of colors, making it suitable for customizing school uniforms for sports purposes. The products include nylon cotton fabric, polyester cotton fabric, etc.
How to distinguish the quality of school uniform fabrics?
1. Differences in materials of different school uniforms
Touch: Silk, viscose, and nylon are very soft to the touch.
Weight: Lighter than silk are nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene, heavier than silk are cotton, hemp, viscose, and rich fiber, while similar in weight to silk are vinylon, wool, acetate, and polyester.
Strength: Stretch by hand until it breaks. The weaker ones are adhesive, vinegar fiber, wool, and the stronger ones are silk, cotton, hemp, synthetic fibers, etc. Protein fibers, viscose fibers, and copper ammonia fibers show a significant decrease in strength after being wetted with water.
Elasticity: When stretching by hand, it feels that the less elastic ones are wool and acetate fibers, the larger ones are cotton and hemp, and the moderate ones are silk, viscose, rich fibers, and most synthetic fibers.
2. Differentiate various school uniform materials through sensory perception
Cotton: Slim and soft, with low elasticity, wicking sweat, and easy to wrinkle.
Ma: It has a rough and hard feel, often with defects, and is prone to wrinkling.
Silk: shiny, soft, bright in color, warm in winter and cool in summer.
Wool: Rich in elasticity, soft luster, warm touch, not easy to wrinkle, but easy to pilling.
Polyester: Good elasticity, smooth, strong, firm, and cool.
Nylon: Not easy to break, elastic, smooth, lightweight, not as soft as silk.
Vinylon: Similar to cotton, with a dull luster, not as soft as cotton, poor resilience, and easy wrinkling.
Acrylic fiber: Good warmth retention, high strength, lighter than cotton, with a soft and fluffy feel.
Viscose fiber: softer than cotton, with a stronger surface gloss than cotton, but poor fastness.

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