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The characteristics of Dai clothing  Work clothes custom source strength factory

2023-09-01 12:00

The national costume culture of a nation can reflect the national customs, religious beliefs, humanistic culture, etc. It can also reflect the living environment, weather and climate of the nation. Today what we want to understand is the dai nationality costume.
Dai is a unique minority in Yunnan Province, mainly distributed in the southern and western valleys of Yunnan Province. Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture and Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture are the main residential areas of the Dai people. The places where the Dai people live are all tropical and subtropical areas, where the climate is warm, dense mountains and rich products. Therefore, the Dai costumes also fully reflects these geographical characteristics, elegant and beautiful, both pay attention to practical, and have a strong decorative meaning, quite can reflect the love of life, advocating the beauty of the national personality, and folk customs.
Dai men around the clothing difference is not big, usually wear no collar or large skirt small sleeve short shirt under the long tube pants, with white cloth, water red cloth or blue cloth tou. Some wear a hat, cold days like to wear a blanket, the four seasons often barefoot. This dress is light and comfortable when working, and makes the wearer appear handsome and handsome when dancing. It retains the characteristics of the ancient elderly's clothes, head wrapped cloth towel, like hanging a back bag, with a short knife, but the clothing material is rarely used with self-woven "earth cloth".
The clothing of Dai women varies from region to region. The Dai women in Xishuangbanna wore colored tight underwear, tight collar and narrow sleeves, colored skirts, long feet and exquisite silver belts with short skirts; some of those in Dehong wore white and other light shirts, trousers, embroidered waist, and skirts after marriage; "Hua waist Dai" in Xinping and Yuanjiang, wore short shirts and black skirts, decorated with colored cloth and silver bubbles. All kinds of Dai women's clothes can show the beautiful and graceful appearance of women. Dai women all love to keep long hair, tied on the top of the head, some to comb or flowers as ornaments, some hood scarf, some wear high tube hat, some wear a pointed top big hat, each show its show, each show its beauty, quite chic.
Because the villages where the Dai people live are rich in bamboo, in addition to the quiet and elegant dry column houses and various living utensils, they also use fine bamboo hats and waist baskets as ornaments.
Dai both men and women, go out always like to shoulder a satchel made of woven cotton (tube pa). Satel color bright, simple style, with a strong life color and national characteristics. Patterns have rare birds and animals, trees, flowers or geometric figures, lifelike image, lifelike. Each pattern contains specific contents, such as red and green to commemorate the ancestors; peacock pattern good luck and elephant pattern symbolizes grain harvest and good life; fully showing the Dai people's yearning and pursuit for a better life.
They often compile the patterns of peacocks and elephants on daily necessities such as skirts, bags, quilts, pads, curtains and scarves, and each pattern is assigned to the specific content.
The reason why the Dai dress is beautiful, this and the dai weaving

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