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Basic knowledge of clothing (9) Work clothes custom source strength of clothing manufacturers

2023-08-30 16:14

How to teach yourself clothing board, tailoring
Self-study mainly consists of two major parts.
The first part is the basic knowledge of clothing, including the classification and anthropometric measurement of clothes, the basic knowledge of clothing cutting and the basic knowledge of clothing sewing.
The second part is the "knowledge of clothing application", covering the cutting and sewing of various types of clothing, including shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, jackets, vests, suits and other styles, and specifically introduces the design, board, cutting, cutting and sewing technology of clothing.
Self-study books to buy: pictures and pictures, easy to understand, both convenient for readers to self-study, but also for the use of clothing cutting and sewing training personnel, is to learn and understand the basic professional knowledge and basic operation skills of clothing, easy to master the skills of skills books.

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