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Basic knowledge of clothing(8) Work clothes custom source strength of clothing manufacturers

2023-08-29 06:00

Classification of skirts:
1. The appearance of the near skirt: straight skirt, type A skirt, fishtail skirt, and skirt pants, etc.
2. Divide by the shape and height of the waist, no waist skirt, waist skirt, low-waist skirt, high-waist skirt and dress, etc.
3. According to the internal structure of the skirt: wave skirt, lantern skirt, section skirt, pleated skirt, pleated skirt and some other different styles.
Classification of pants:
1. Classified by trouser length: shorts, middle pants and trousers, etc.
2. In styling points, there are leggings, ordinary pants and loose pants, narrow pants, wide pants, bell-bottom pants, knickerbockers and foot pants, etc.
3. There are also some shaped pants, such as jeans and breeches.

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