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Basic knowledge of clothing(3)Work clothes custom Source strength of clothing manufacturers

2023-08-24 06:00

Common representation methods of clothing specifications:
When we represent the finished clothing specifications, we always choose the most representative one or several parts to represent them. This site size can also be called a display specification; the common methods are as follows:
1 clothing type representation: choose height, chest or hip circumference as the representative part to represent the specification of clothing, is the most common clothing specification representation method human body height is number; chest or police circumference is type, and classify body shape according to the body difference, represented by code. Such as 160 / 84A, et al. (A is the body size classification).
2 collar circumference: the size of the clothing is represented by the size of the collar circumference. The specification of the men's shirt is commonly expressed by this method. For example: 40CM, 41CM, et al
3. Chest circumference method: the size of the chest circumference represents the size of the garment. Suitable for underwear, sportswear, sports sweaters and other knitted clothing. Such as the 90C100CMM.
4 code system: clothing specifications according to the size of the classification, code, is a relatively simple method of clothing specifications. Suitable for the lower requirements of the clothing. The methods such as S, M, L, XL, etc., or in numbers, such as 6,7, etc.

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