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How to classify clothing enterprises? Strength source of clothing factory work clothes customization

2023-08-20 06:00

The classification of clothing enterprises, there is no unified standard. According to the general industrial classification method, combined with the current practical application situation, there are the following several common ones:
1. According to the variety of clothing products produced: suit factory, fashion factory, children's clothing factory, underwear factory, shirt factory, shirt factory, drama clothing factory, national clothing factory, clothing factory, shoes and hats factory, down clothing factory, sportswear factory, clothing factory, special clothing factory and other clothing factories (such as uniform factory, labor insurance clothing factory).
2. According to the use of clothing fabrics categories: wool clothing factory, silk clothing factory, embroidery clothing factory, fur clothing factory, knitting clothing factory, woolen sweater factory.
3. According to the size of the factory, the annual output value, annual profit and tax and the annual output of the garment factory can be divided into large, medium and small garment factories. Due to the different product categories and regions, the differentiation standards are uneven, and there is no unified standard, but mainly based on yield.

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