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What should we pay attention to when finding a factory? Strength clothing factory, work clothes customization

2023-08-19 06:00

In addition to the customized clothing, but also pay special attention to the following matters oh!
Don't lower the price too much! A price a goods, expensive expensive practice, cheap cheap practice. Higher natural fabrics and better workmanship. Low price of fabrics and workmanship is certainly not so good! Be sure to talk to the factory in advance. Like our factory, with the well-known enterprises in Yunnan province have more than ten years of cooperation, the clothing we produce is absolutely qualified in quality. After-sales service is also very responsible. The clothes we produce are worthy of the price in terms of quality, design and service.
2. Many factories have the starting order requirements, and if the single quantity is more, it is recommended to find a larger clothing factory. If you are a new clothing person, then you need to find more small and medium-sized clothing factories that you are willing to cooperate with. In addition, if the single amount is not very large, try not to do so many yards and color, some factories may not be willing to accept the number of small and troublesome orders.
3, the clothing factory is also classified oh! First of all, we have to determine which category of clothing belongs to to find the corresponding factory. Choosing an advantageous garment processing factory can save a lot of communication time.
4. Before communicating with the garment factory, please "prepare lessons" in advance and get familiar with the current market conditions. When chatting, make the supplier feel that you are an insider as much as possible, so that the supplier will be closer to the market price and will not exaggerate the price. If there is a suitable garment factory, be sure to ask the other party's fixed telephone number and contact address, to understand the size and qualification of the factory, and then make a decision!

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