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Want to make homemade clothing, how to find a clothing factory? Work clothes custom strength clothing manufacturers

2023-08-18 12:00

In summary, it is divided into two methods: online approach and offline approach

First:Online route:
Your area + Clothing + factory type. For example: Yunnan work clothes clothing factory, Yunnan work clothes custom factory
If you found Yunnan Fengling clothing, it can also be our neat workshop, orderly production pictures oh!

2.Wholesale platform
There are a lot of wholesale platforms, here xiaobian is not a single introduction. Large platforms are relatively reliable, with a large number of factories to choose from. But inside the fish and dragons mixed, we must carefully distinguish when screening. Take a look at the factory's business license, workshop equipment, factory pictures, etc., call the person in charge of the factory, or field investigation.
Seconnd:Offline approach
1.through friends
Looking for a friend in the clothing industry introduction is a more reliable method. They often go to all kinds of factories, and they have cooperated with more factories. Ask them to help you to find the factory in the quality, delivery, after-sales are guaranteed.
2.Running clothing industry agglomeration area
This method is more "cost people" can run more clothing industry agglomeration areas, such as coastal areas or Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas have many.

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