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What should I pay attention to in my customized work clothes? Work clothes custom

2023-08-17 08:00

The company for workers to make work clothes generally need to do two seasons: summer work clothes (short sleeves), winter work clothes (long sleeves).
1: work clothes color and their own enterprise style collocation. Different businesses have different styles. This is not determined by their own preferences, is according to the different types of work to determine the color of work clothes and its style. Factories such as food, beverage and pasta require overalls to be more bright, such as white, sky blue, pink. And machinery, hardware industry factories need to choose a darker color of work clothes, such as dark blue, gray, coffee. These colors are easy for cleaning. Ordinary to abide by the three-color criterion, that is to say, the color should not be greater than three. It's usually black, blue, and gray.
2: work clothes style, style and color are almost considered at the same time, some need to be split, some need to be joined or special requirements.
3: Clothing fabric, according to the characteristics of their own job to choose the appropriate fabric.
4: accessories (zipper, button, tightness) also some positions can not be used metal zipper, can be replaced by buttons.
5: sewing technology, the line should be neat, can not have too much thread, affect the appearance.
6: The size should be as accurate as possible, special circumstances need to measure the body, try to let the staff wear appropriate.
7: Embroidery word printing, mostly embroidered words, but now printing is also good, this can be selected according to the fabric.

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